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Oh, I love you more today than yesterday

Whoever would have thought the gal that first sat across a cubicle wall from me about 5 years ago would become such an amazing friend of mine.  We bonded over a shared love for office pranks, Dwight Schrute and the internet.  Anyone who knows her will back me up on this…Lindsay is the type of girl who makes your day brighter and more fun, she’s always good for an encouraging word and she has the kindest heart!  I feel so privileged to have been there to capture some really big moments in her life – her engagement, wedding and now welcoming sweet little Emerson.   Any newborn session is special for me, but it’s really something to spend some time with your friends in those early days of welcoming their baby home and watch a new little family all get to know each other.  Maybe this session took a little longer than it normally would have but I am so happy I got to spend those moments chatting with Lindsay in between taking pictures of her sweet little girl.

I remember after on their wedding day being so incredibly happy for Lindsay that she found Craig – it is always so visible how much he loves her and how he is there to take care of her….seeing Craig that morning with Lindsay and Emerson was just so sweet, he now has two girls to take care of and protect.  It was the sweetest thing ever to see him hold, watch and talk to Emerson.

As fun as Lindsay and Craig are together I can only imagine the little personality Emerson will develop!!  I can’t wait to watch her grow!


Emerson_169 copy

Emerson_174 copy

Emerson_181 copy

Emerson_188 copy

Emerson_198 copy

It was so sweet, when Emerson was awake if she put her hand on her face she instantly calmed and a stroke of the forehead easily put her to sleep! Love it!

Emerson_199 copy

Emerson_203 copy

Emerson_216 copy

Emerson_231 copy

Emerson_234 copy


Emerson_241 copy


Emerson_029 copy


Emerson_099 copy



I adore these family pics….so much love all around!

Emerson_105 copy


Emerson_305 copy


Emerson_246 copy

Emerson_262 copy

Emerson_266 copy

Emerson_268 copy

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I’ll never beat the view, from my front porch looking in

Time for a very special little lady!  Meet Edith!  This little love bug is Kara’s third little girl, all three of whom I have been lucky enough to capture newborn pictures of!  Each sweet little lady has had things that make them look very different, but at the same time, looking at their baby pics you can totally tell they are sisters!

Newborn shoots are always very special, but newborn shoots for my friends are extra special!  Normally when I see Kara she’s wearing her “photographer hat” so I love getting to see her wearing her “mom hat”.  I distinctly remember one moment during this shoot when I was taking pictures of Kara and Edith that I almost got a little emotional behind the camera – Kara is so loving, such a good mom and it was so special to see her showering this new little lady in her life with so much love.

I visited Kara when Edith was just 5 days new….and I just have to share what Kara wrote on Facebook after I posted a teaser image of her on the B2 Facebook page:

So thankful for Becky and the amazing photos she’s given me with all my girls. I cannot express strongly enough the importance of having photos of yourself with your kids, even if you gave birth 5 days earlier and the last thing you want is your picture taken!!! On that note, thank you to Tracy Bueckert for a great job on my make up and helping me feel beautiful.

A great little reminder to mom’s to get out from behind the camera and make sure you get photos taken with your babes as they grow!

On that note….check out Edith’s first photo shoot!


Okay so before we get to Edith, here’s big sister Sarah!  I LOVE my visits with this little lady!!


DSC_3019 copy

Check out Kara’s wall display!  LOVE how big she went with her prints….go big or go home!!

DSC_3024 copy

DSC_3031 copy


DSC_3076 copy


DSC_3089 copy

DSC_3122 copy


DSC_3139 copy


DSC_2993 copy


DSC_3204 copy

DSC_3225 copy

DSC_3266 copy

DSC_3279 copy


DSC_3296 copy


DSC_3320 copy

DSC_3347 copy

DSC_3356 copy

DSC_3374 copy

DSC_3377 copy

DSC_3381 copy

DSC_3396 copy

DSC_3417 copy

DSC_3437 copy

DSC_3450 copy

DSC_3458 copy

DSC_3462 copy

DSC_3476 copy

So much fall fun coming to the blog!!

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My wildest dream come true, mine would be you

I should be out shooting this fall morning but the rain has thwarted our plans so it’s giving me a chance to catch up on the mound of editing and blogging I have to do!  I have SO many sessions just waiting to hit the blog so without any further chit chat lets get to it!

Meet Easton!  This sweet little guy is a little bro to Zoey!  We visited a few weeks ago and he was a little dream to photograph!  Giving us a little peek at his eyes and then falling fast asleep for the rest of his session.  Will his eyes turn blue like his sisters?  Can’t wait to watch this little guy grow!! ENJOY!



Easton_020 copy


Easton_050 copy


Easton_065 copy


Easton_139 copy

Easton_194 copy

Easton_205 copy


Easton_228 copy

Easton_233 copy

Easton_253 copy

Easton_254 copy

Easton_276 copy

Easton_287 copy

Easton_310 copy

Easton_318 copy

Easton_323 copy


Easton_384 copy


Oodles of new sessions coming to the blog and teasers on Facebook!

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So this is what it feels like, right place the right time

Meet Nick!!  This sweet little boy is kiddo #2 for Jamie and Tracy and little brother to Jack!  I was lucky enough to meet this little peanut when he was less than a week old!  My time at Jamie and Tracy’s house was very entertaining – when I wasn’t being charmed by Nick and all his sweet expressions I was having my feet tickled by the little creature that lived under Jack’s blanket 🙂  AND I was even lucky enough to have a couple books read to me by Jack!   Can’t wait to watch Nick grow and change and see his little personality develop.  If Nick grows up to be like his brother Jack he will sure be a little charmer!

Nicholas_041 copy

Nicholas_057 copy

Nicholas_063 copy

Nicholas_076 copy


Nicholas_081 copy

Nicholas_098 copy

Nicholas_108 copy

It’s so tiring being this cute 🙂

Nicholas_116 copy

Nicholas_143 copy

Nicholas_178 copy

Nicholas_184 copy


Jack is SO much fun!!


Nicholas_282 copy


Nicholas_303 copy


Nicholas_328 copy


Nicholas_355 copy


Nicholas_388 copy


Nicholas_454 copy

Very proud big bro!

Nicholas_088 copy

Nicholas_520 copy


How gorgeous is Tracy?!

Nicholas_495 copy



Nicholas_012 copy

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