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And the heavens open every time she smiles

Meet Harper!  This blog post has been a long time coming, so i’m not going to waste too much time before I get to the pictures!

This sweet little lady took my breath away the moment I met her….all that hair, her eyes and she gave me so many smiles and sleepy yawns!!  What a sweetie!  You might recognize her parents, Cory and Lauren as a couple whose wedding I photographed back in the day when I still shot weddings through B2, they are such a fun couple and I couldn’t wait to see them as a family of three!  Well…..I guess they are a family of 4 if you include their dog Kona, whom they were kind enough to hide from me 😉


Harper__015 copy


Harper__377 copy

Harper__073 copy

Harper__077 copy

Harper__117 copy

Harper__120 copy


Harper__139 copy

Harper__156 copy

Harper__180 copy

Harper__229 copy


Harper__412 copy

Harper__399 copy

Harper__405 copy

Harper__272 copy

Harper__289 copy

Harper__308 copy

Harper__313 copy

Harper__323 copy

Harper__327 copy

Harper__333 copy

Harper__344 copy

Harper__351 copy

Harper__363 copy

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I got you, the breath I breathe, and there ain’t nothing else I need

Yesterday I got to meet sweet little Emily.  13 days new – tiny, cuddly and sooooo cute.  When I walked in the house was warm and toasty and my cousin Darrin walked out holding Emily – that proud new dad smile on his face,  he passed Emily to me and we had a little cuddle while everyone was getting organized before the shoot.  I watched her as she looked around and made those baby faces and saw the dimple that she has that’s just like her mom.  What a sweetie!  It was hard to put her down and get to “work”!

Emily tried really hard to stay awake the whole time – she wanted to show off her big eyes!  But eventually she gave in to some cuddles with her mom and fell asleep.

One of the things I love about newborn sessions with family is seeing two people who you have known for so long slip into the role of parents.  These two are naturals!  There is a picture in Emily’s nursery that says “Crying is for babies (other babies)” and the humour of that sign sums up how fun and relaxed these two are about their new adventure as a family of three.  It’s so sweet to watch Emily just curl up against Tracy for a cuddle or watch Darrin talk to her – these two are totally and completely smitten by this little lady….and the rest of us who have had the chance to meet her are too!

Emily_001 copy

Emily_014 copy

Emily_017 copy

Emily_091 copy

Emily_109 copy

Emily_120 copy

Emily_167 copy

Emily_186 copy

Emily_214 copy

Emily_218 copy

Emily_231 copy

Emily_233 copy

Emily_242 copy

Emily_248 copy

Emily_252 copy 3

Emily_257 copy

Emily_262 copy

Emily_275 copy

Emily_284 copy

Emily_046 copy


Emily_312 copy

Emily_315 copy

Emily_320 copy

Emily_325 copy


Emily_380 copy


Emily_041 copy


Emily_387 copy

Emily_404 copy

Emily_420 copy




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Close your eyes and try to dream

Meet Sam!  He surprised his mom and dad by arriving a few weeks early because he just couldn’t wait to hang out!

It was VERY cold out the day of our shoot but we kept him super warm and cozy…the perfect temperature for a snooze!  If this little guy is anything like his mom and dad he will be one big dose of fun and friendliness!  I have had such a great time getting to know Ayli and Phil through their maternity and newborn photos and I am so happy for them and their new little family of 3…I can’t wait to watch Sam grow!


Sam_029 copy

Sam_130 copy


Sam_173 copy


Sam_212 copy


Sam_219 copy

Sam_245 copy


Sam_328 copy

Sam_258 copy

Sam_290 copy

Sam_297 copy

Sam_309 copy

Sam_311 copy

Sam_322 copy

Sam_348 copy

Sam_366 copy

Sam_284 copy

Sam_371 copy

Sam_374 copy

Sam_377 copy

Sam_394 copy

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Goodnight, my someone, Goodnight, my love

A few weeks ago when I was out in Winkler for the weekend I got the chance to meet sweet little Brayen.  This lovely little lady tried to stay awake, but after we got a few shots with her beautiful eyes open mom gave her a good rock and off she went into dream land!

How gorgeous is Brayen’s room?  Her mom did such a wonderful job styling that room and the rest of their house!  Their house made such a lovely backdrop for this shoot!  I love being able to feature my clients homes in their shoots to make the pictures truly unique for them.  These family pics are so special, I loved watching how Tim and Tammy just gaze at Brayen – watching every little move she makes with so much joy an love.


Brayen_004 copy


Brayen_078 copy

Brayen_151 copy

Brayen_153 copy

Brayen_178 copy

Brayen_194 copy

Brayen_291 copy

Brayen_302 copy


Brayen_309 copy

Brayen_339 copy

Brayen_341 copy

Brayen_348 copy

Brayen_354 copy


Brayen_364 copy

Brayen_367 copy

Brayen_376 copy

Brayen_439 copy


Brayen_469 copy

Brayen_482 copy

Brayen_499 copy

Brayen_516 copy

Brayen_527 copy

Brayen_544 copy

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