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You helped me see, the beauty in everything

I really didn’t know how to start this post….and as I was sitting and thinking about it I remembered a flash drive my mom gave me this summer of pictures that she scanned of me and my sister as kids.  And I figured that those pics would help to show how special this post is for me.  Growing up and me and my cousin Darrin were great buddies….we were baby sat together, we went on family vacays together, we invented games and played them together, we watched RAD approximately 108 times together and then got bikes with pegs to try and learn the tricks….I have nothing but good memories when I think of my childhood adventures with Darrin.

Scan 76 Scan 80

Well now we’re “all grown up” and Darrin and his wife Tracy are expecting their first little babe!  I have been waiting for this maternity shoot since the moment they told me they were expecting!  I am so excited to watch this wee one grown up and capture him or her as she grows.  These two both have hearts of gold and I know they are going to be such fabulous parents!!  I can just imagine a little boy skateboarding behind his dad or a little girl walking around the house with mom’s purse flung over her shoulder…

After the session Tracy was cutting my hair and we were talking about how lucky we were that it was so warm outside for the shoot an we made some kind of joke that “tomorrow it could be snowing” well sure enough, the next day it snowed and snowed and now it’s winter.  lol.  Enjoy these photos from the last day before winter 🙂


Bueckert_083 copy

Bueckert_086 copy

Bueckert_048 copy


Bueckert_117 copy

Bueckert_121 copy


Bueckert_143 copy

Bueckert_182 copy



Bueckert_288 copy




Bueckert_380 copy

Bueckert_408 copy


Bueckert_433 copy

Bueckert_452 copy


Bueckert_461 copy

Bueckert_470 copy

Bueckert_481 copy

Bueckert_486 copy

Bueckert_507 copy

Bueckert_586 copy

Bueckert_598 copy

Bueckert_608 copy

Bueckert_618 copy

Bueckert_625 copy


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and she loved a little boy

I am lucky enough to have transitioned with a lot of my clients…from weddings to babies, but in this case it was my husband who met this lovely couple first.  Ayli was a “Paperback Bride” and I remember hearing about her and her husband a lot the year Chris and the boys filmed their wedding…she was one of their super fans….so when her name started popping up on my Facebook page in likes and comments I knew who she was immediately.  Every now and then Chris would run into her downtown and he would tell me “I saw Ayli today, she asked about you…she LOVES your work!”  When I saw her name pop up in my email inbox one day this spring I was SO excited!  She was emailing me nice and early to make sure I could fit her in for Bump photos in the fall and photos of their wee one in the New Year!  Even if I didn’t have time, I was so flattered that she emailed me before they had shared their news with the public that I would have made time 😉

So the day finally came and Ayli and Phil showed up with a vehicle full of pillows and blankets, all of their favourite baby books and of course some Starbucks!  Even though we had never met before it felt like I was working with old friends!  This couple is SO sweet!  Ayli has one of those infectiously happy personalities and Phil is such a doting husband.  You can just see the love between these two when they look at each other!

We chatted a lot during the session…poor Phil was shivering as Ayli and I gabbed away!   I can’t wait to see them with their little Buster in his carefully planned out nursery with the theme of children’s books and a great big mural from The Giving Tree.  These two are going to be fabulous parents!



Ayli_644 copy

Ayli_662 copy

Ayli_687 copy


Ayli_706 copy


Ayli_736 copy

Ayli_763 copy

storyboard069 Ayli_846 copy

Ayli_865 copy



Ayli_940 copy


Ayli_1008 copy


Ayli_1050 copy

Ayli_1096 copy


Ayli_1123 copy

Ayli_1151 copy


Ayli_1191 copy

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We have the feeling like we were floating…

I was SO excited to meet up with this mom to be at the beginning of October….who wouldn’t be, look at how gorgeous she is!!  Tammy is one of those girls who just has great style, she knows how to put the perfect things together right down to the perfect bracelets and accessories….after editing these photos I added that gorgeous Stella and Dot Rebel Necklace to my Christmas list 🙂 ha ha.  I can just imagine all all the little clothes and shoes Tammy has ready and waiting for her little bundle and joy coming at the beginning of December!!

I had so much fun with Tim and Tammy at this shoot….it was a ‘lil cold outside that day but I did my best to keep their minds off of the cold by making them laugh!  The last location we were at was across the road from a yard with a BIG dog…I was about ready to run and hide in the rows of corn when Tim let me know they had an invisible fence.  PHEW!

Enjoy these photos and keep your eye on the blog in the next couple of months to see their new bundle of joy!!

Tammy_167 copy


Tammy_010 copy



Tammy_210 copy

Tammy_225 copy

Tammy_263 copy

Tammy_284 copy


Tammy_302 copy

Tammy_329 copy

Tammy_333 copy


Tammy_405 copy

Tammy_423 copy

Tammy_520 copy


Tammy_570 copy


Tammy_475 copy


So much fall fun coming to the blog!!

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Her heart seemed to flutter with the wind…

I was so excited when my cousin James texted me and asked me to take some pics of him and his wife Jayci before their baby arrives.  I am lucky enough to have a number of cousins who have been some of my best and most loyal friends as I have grown up, James is right there in that group.  Growing up with James was nothing short of an adventure!  James is the type of guy who ALWAYS has your back and will always do whatever he can to help out his friends – I was so happy that for once I was able to do something for him!  These two are going to be such great parents!  I can’t wait to see them with their little lady.

The day we originally scheduled this shoot for we were rained out, so we tried again the next weekend I was in Winkler…the skies were threatening but we didn’t get rained on!  The night provided us a gorgeous overcast sky and little gusts of wind at just the right time…I love a little bit of windblown hair!  Aren’t they the most adorable couple?  And how fabulous does Jayci look?!  There are a few photos in here that are some of my favourite bump photos I’ve taken <3



DSC_3497 copy



DSC_3533 copy

DSC_3540 copy


DSC_3564 copy

DSC_3569 copy

DSC_3577 copy

DSC_3605 copy


DSC_3616 copy

DSC_3618 copy


DSC_3638 copy


DSC_3675 copy



DSC_3708 copy


DSC_3745 copy

And my three faves to end things off!

DSC_3731 copy


So much fall fun coming to the blog!!

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