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The sweetest days I’ve found I’ve found with you

This at home maternity sessions with Rob, Kate and their girls is one of my favourite bump shoots to date!  In my years of knowing Kate this is one type i’ve shoot i’ve never had the chance to capture for her and I was so excited about it because I know how meticulous she is about planning all the little things that make a shoot amazing!  And isn’t this shoot amazing!

It has been such a pleasure to get to know Kate over the years, this girl is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside! <3


The stars ain’t got nothing on you

I had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany and Michael at a shoot with friends of theirs a few years ago.  They were along to be baby wranglers and help their friends out with their child while I was taking maternity photos of just the two of them…..flash forward a few years later and now it’s their turn for maternity photos!  I had such a great evening touring around Bird’s Hill Park when them in early June.  Hard to believe that it was so hot that night…feels like a lifetime ago with all the cold and rainy weather this weekend!

I had pretty high expectations going into this shoot….having a few friends in common, any time I saw Michael commenting on Facebook he always seemed to have such a great sense of humour!  I was sure hoping this session would be filled with lots of smiles and laughs….expectations met!  We had a blast!!!


DSC_8977 copy


DSC_9040 copy

DSC_9047 copy

DSC_9059 copy

DSC_9075 copy

DSC_9065 copy

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DSC_9666 copy

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DSC_9618 copy

Think one little thought of you and I’m back home

A few weeks ago I met Stacie and Marc for their BUMP session!  Stacie and Mark were referred to me by some of my great clients who used to live in my neighbourhood and what we found out when we got to the session is that we’re almost neighbours!  We live just down the street from each other and we could have carpooled to the session!  Only in Winnipeg!

This session was so much fun!  Stacie and Marc were naturals in front of the camera and Stacie sure knows how to rock that bump!  How gorgeous is she!?  Her sister-in-law is a make-up artist who works out of Windsor Studio helped her glam up before the session and did a gorgeous job of her make-up! Her fabulous wardrobe was from BUMP Maternity.

I love bump sessions!  It’s always so fun to hear about how baby prep is going!  I can’t wait to meet this baby when he/she arrives!


Stacie_013 copy


Stacie_018 copy

Stacie_034 copy



Stacie_138 copy

Stacie_103 copy

Stacie_097 copy


Stacie_171 copy


Stacie_276 copy



Stacie_415 copy

Stacie_394 copy


Stacie_385 copy

Stacie_360 copy

Stacie_345 copy

Stacie_292 copy

Stacie_561 copy

Stacie_570 copy

Stacie_611 copy

Stacie_524 copy


Stacie_631 copy

Stacie_648 copy

Stacie_702 copy


Stacie_439 copy



Cause you are home to me

Lucky for me this is not the first time I’ve worked with this gorgeous couple!  Kara and I had the privilege of capturing their wedding two fall’s ago and here they are in front of my camera again getting ready to welcome a little babe!  It was so great to catch up with Chris and Heather again to capture another special stage in their lives!  We had a great time catching up and exploring one of my favourite parks on a warm October day! Heather looks so amazing with that baby bump, but I can’t wait to see these two cradling their new bundle of joy…soon!!!



Heather_035 copy


Heather_054 copy

Heather_062 copy

Heather_095 copy

Heather_128 copy


Heather_134 copy

Heather_152 copy

Heather_183 copy

Heather_215 copy


Heather_228 copy

Heather_252 copy

Heather_274 copy

Heather_309 copy

Heather_371 copy

Heather_393 copy


Heather_443 copy

Heather_453 copy

Heather_471 copy


Heather_520 copy


Heather_600 copy


Heather_626 copy

Heather_638 copy

Heather_651 copy

Heather_766 copy

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