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Meet Alana from Brillante!

Hey friends!  Today I want to introduce to to the lovely Alana from Brillante and let you in on how to win a consultation with her!!

Brillante 302

I was lucky enough to meet Alana when she hired me for a session with her three girls, I walked into the playroom she designed for her girls and I instantly fell in love with her style!  Bright pops of colours, glass jars filled with brightly coloured art supplies, pretty wooden toys….everything serves a purpose and looks pretty on a shelf!

Chernecki_860 copy

Chernecki_975 copy

Chernecki_928 copy

When Alana launched Brillante I knew it would be a smashing success and I am always excited to shoot any space she has touched….she has “it” when it comes to design.  Her experiences as a teacher and her life as a mom make her the perfect person to put together pretty, functional and educational spaces for kids!

Brillante_012 copy

Brillante_022 copy

Brillante_024 copy

Brillante_074 copy

Brillante_114 copy

Brillante_202 copy

Brillante_215 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1154 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1175 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1180 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1196 copy

Alana_015 copy

Alana_019 copy

Alana_092 copy

Alana_107 copy

Alana_111 copy

When I thought about shooting in a special space for this year’s Valentines Days shoot I knew she was the best choice for designing the set!  We chatted about my monochromatic ideas over a latte and shortly after she sent me a concept board.  I told her the things that popped to me and from there, she packed up the goodies that we would need and put together this gorgeous space the morning of our shoot.  It was perfect!!!

OB-monochrome - B2 shoot copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0005 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0006 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0008 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0009 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0010 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0012 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0015 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0019 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0021 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0023 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1134 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1141 copy

Want to win your own consultation with Alana?!  I know I would!!!  Head over and leave a comment on our Love Day Giveaway post to enter!  And then tell your friends!


My one and only.

When I dropped off Stacie and Marc’s maternity photos Stacie gave me the heads up that I should be hearing some news about baby any day now!  So I wasn’t surprised when a couple of days later I got a text telling me about their new baby boy, Arie!

I was so excited to meet him and he must have been excited about his shoot too because he did not want to miss a minute of it!  He is so sweet and so loved!  You can just see the love and adoration when Marc and Stacie cuddle him, change him, feed him…..they are such naturals!  It was a pleasure to capture these images of this adorable family of 3!


Arie_293 copy

Arie_045 copy

Arie_028 copy

Arie_024 copy

Arie_075 copy

Arie_053 copy

Arie_062 copy


Arie_096 copy


Arie_107 copy

Arie_110 copy

Arie_159 copy


Arie_170 copy

Arie_176 copy

Arie_179 copy

Arie_188 copy

Arie_206 copy

Arie_236 copy

Arie_265 copy

Arie_299 copy

Arie_303 copy

Arie_270 copy

Arie_306 copy

Arie_314 copy

Arie_332 copy

Arie_353 copy

Arie_357 copy

Arie_364 copy

Arie_494 copy

Arie_421 copy


You’re a beautiful baby from the outside in

A few weeks ago my bestie, partner in shopping crimes, roomie for many years, cousin and sister from another mister made me an auntie again!  Julie and Kyle welcomed Abby into their lives a few weeks ago and instantly our whole family fell in love with baby Abby!  The family has been preparing for Abby for months….Gramma sewing receiving blankets, Gramma Sue sewing nursery decor, Aunties Gina and Tracy filling up your closet and Stella helping by giving Auntie Juju name ideas 😉 I always joke that I have no advice and i’m not really any good help with babies….I just take pictures.  But hey, that’s important too because the rest of my family only takes photos with iPhones!

There’s something really special about watching your best friend become a mom, Julie is such a natural. As soon as she told me she was pregnant I knew that she was going to be an amazing mom because she has always had the most kind and loving nature, she is the type of person who is always willing to do things for her family and friends.  She has been preparing for this for years, always looking out for her younger brother Darrin and taking care of me when we lived together for many years….she taught me how to do laundry and clean, walked me around the university the day before my first day of school so I knew where to go and was always there to listen to me cry after a bad day.

We have walked together through hard times and happy times, been on so many shopping adventures, annual trips with our moms, family vacations together and now i’m so excited to watch her walk through mommyhood.  Our shoptailing (shopping + cocktails) party of two just became a party of three!  But no cocktails for Abby just yet! He he.  I sure think the stroller will be convenient when we have a lot of bags to carry 😉

 I could go on and on about how much I love Julie and how proud of her I am but we have pictures to get to!  Meet Abby!!

Abby_012 copy

Abby_024 copy

Abby_046 copy

Abby_085 copy

Abby_098 copy

Abby_111 copy

Abby_116 copy

Abby_121 copy

Abby_127 copy

Abby_136 copy

Abby_144 copy

Abby_146 copy

Abby_159 copy

Abby_163 copy

Abby_184 copy

Abby_200 copy

Abby_205 copy

Abby_221 copy

Abby_265 copy

Abby_271 copy

Abby_286 copy


Abby_340 copy


Abby_373 copy

Abby_417 copy


Abby_444 copy


Abby_476 copy

Abby_492 copy


Abby_534 copy

Abby_565 copy

Abby_607 copy


Abby_228 copy


Abby_250 copy

Abby_611 copy

Abby_613 copy

Abby_640 copy

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oh what a beautiful life

A few weeks ago I went over to Dustin and Ashton’s place to meet Kingston!  Ashton and I go waaaaay back – I taught her skating lessons, worked with her mom and took back-to-school pictures of her and her sisters every year back in the day.  So far back that our first shoot together was back in the film days.  Long time blog readers might even recognize her from really old blog posts.  It’s pretty special anytime you get to photograph life events for anyone you know and this shoot was just that, so special.  Dustin and Ashton were so sweet to watch with Kingston – calm, patient, soft speaking, all of their actions coming out of pure love for their new baby boy.  What a gorgeous little family…parenthood looks good on these two!

Kingston stayed awake for a good portion of this shoot but after a while, he gave into sleep…maybe it was the lull of the rain and rolling thunder outside…or maybe it was the coziness of being in his dad’s arms.  That was probably it 😉

Kingston is so cute…his big round eyes and the hints of red in his hair, he is sure to be a heartbreaker!


Kingston_018 copy


Kingston_025 copy

Kingston_087 copy

Kingston_114 copy

Kingston_167 copy


Kingston_235 copy

Kingston_245 copy


Kingston_293 copy

Kingston_310 copy

Kingston_379 copy


Kingston_391 copy


Kingston_462 copy

Kingston_514 copy

Kingston_523 copy


Kingston_592 copy

Kingston_602 copy


Kingston_623 copy


Kingston_645 copy

Kingston_648 copy

Kingston_656 copy

Kingston_658 copy


Kingston_659 copy

Kingston_669 copy


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