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By a stream in the country, running barefoot and feeling free

It’s no secret I have a love for all things ice cream and sprinkles…you know who else loves ice cream just as much as I do?  Stella!  And when she got a new Hanna Andersson ice cream dress this summer I knew it was the perfect excuse to head to the farm for some photos with my Anagram ice cream balloons in tow!

We had so much fun at these photos!  4.5 is such a fun age to photograph!  Her big brown eyes were just sparkling as she was laughing at her mom behind me!  She has turned into such a little lady and I love listening to all the stories she tells these days, she’s quite entertaining!



I ain’t never gonna beat this summer with you

A few weeks ago I met up with the Jordy, Jack and Ruby for an evening full of fun!  It was a little more chaos than normal the day of the shoot…a forecast for a day full of rain we cancelled the session, then the evening came and the sun was shining, so we decided to go for it anyway, then there was a little mix-up on location thanks to Winnipeg and their multiple streets the the same name…..but eventually we got it alllll together and had such a fun evening together!!!

When I shared a little teaser of this crew on Instagram and Facebook there were so many comments of people excited to catch up with these 3 and see how they have grown up!   It’s so neat to see how my friends and followers get to “know” B2 clients and are just as excited as I am to see how they grow from year to year!



Country roads, take me home

Don’t let the array of weather during this shoot fool you….we shot all these images on the same day!  We got the whole she-bang of weather….heavy cloud cover, wind, calm, rain and hot sun!!!  Even with all the changes in weather I had such a great time with Darrin, Tracy, Emily and Cru!  I always love my time with them, they are naturals in front of the camera!  And there is something so special about being blessed with the opportunity to capture images like this for family.  It’s probably not cool to admit, but I totally had some tears in my eyes as I was editing these photos!  Some of these sweet family images just make my heart burst, I just love these four SO MUCH!

Emily was on point!  She rocked this shoot, and I think she knew it!  She is just filled with sweetness and personality!  One of my favourite things about Cru this session was that I think he had a rock in is hand in almost all the photos!  Te he.  He smiled away at me all the way to the shoot and then I pulled out the camera and he was so stoic! But still just as cute as ever, those eyes and that dimple!  He’ll just steal your heart!!!

Happy Canada Day friends!  And ENJOY!!

Bueckert_003 copy

Bueckert_005 copy

Bueckert_027 copy

Bueckert_084 copy

Bueckert_135 copy


Bueckert_225 copy

Bueckert_231 copy


Bueckert_150 copy

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And Cru says….that’s all folks!  🙈

Bueckert_1146 copy


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