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♥ If Walls Could Talk….

Many of you will recognize this house as a house i’ve shot in before, or the house my dad grew up in, but my dad and his siblings were not the only kids to grow up in this house.  Sometime after my dad’s family moved out of the village, Kelly’s family moved in.  And while the house has been sitting empty for the last 4 years or so, there are soooooo many memories still living in that house.  If those walls could talk i’m sure they would have many stories to tell of giggling sisters learning to dance in an upstairs bedroom (and I do know that one happened for sure).

Kelly emailed me this summer familiar with pictures i’ve taken in the house and asked if we could go there for a shoot….so I booked her in for a November date.  A week later I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic when I realized I double booked her date!!  I emailed her to apologize and offer her a different date a couple weeks earlier…..lucky for us it was a happy accident because if we would have shot on the actual date (this weekend)  we would have had a foot of snow outside and i’m sure the house would have been FREEZING!

Enjoy your sneak peek Kelly and Garry!  I hope the pictures will you give you a lifelong memory of your old home!

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♥ our love is comfortable and so broken in…..

Rewind a whole bunch of  year to when I was in highschool….when I was in grade 12 it was pretty safe to say any Friday or Saturday night you’d find me hanging out with my friends at The Bunker, the Youth for Christ drop-in centre in Winkler.  It was at The Bunker where I learned how to play pool, played a LOT of Bust a Move and drank way too many Shrapnels (their specialty slurpee drink that only a few knew the mix to).  I remember when I met Bertha there….she was sweet, spunky and SO friendly!  She was always smiling anytime she came bounding into the room, you couldn’t help but smile anytime you were around her!

Back to present day, Bertha found me on Facebook a couple years ago and I guess she started following my work….I have this message saved in my inbox that she sent me sometime ago and it was filled with words of encouragement and her telling me I was an inspiration to her, WOW!  Flattering!  You see, Bertha is also a very talented photographer and artist….she’s planning to have her first showcase sometime soon (you can bet i’ll be there!).  I was so happy when Bertha emailed me this summer wanting to book a session for her and her husband Matt….I couldn’t wait for our ‘photo date’ we were planning for September!  Thankfully the weather was on our side that beautiful Saturday afternoon….with shade at just the right time and sun slipping through the cracks of the sheds at just the right time too!  We had a blast shooting for two hours solid and I could have just kept right on going!!  These two were a DREAM to work with!  Look how in LOVE they are!!  I can’t help but smile when I work on their photos….love love love, these pictures scream it!

Bertha and Matt enjoy this sneak peak sooooooo much more to come!!

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