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♥ Our song is the way you laugh

I was so excited to get a text from Tracy last week asking me to take some pictures of her and Darrin to update some pictures around the house.  It had been way too long since they had been in front of my camera (since their wedding)!!  Truth be told, photo shoot or not, I take any chance I can get to hang out with these two because they’re two of the coolest people I know and put together that’s some super cool power and a major fun factor.  Everything lined up just right for this shoot, Tracy texted me on Thursday and I was heading out to Winkler on Friday with a day set aside on Saturday for “family time” and they qualified 😉 Lucky for all of us the crazy winds died down and we were blessed with a nice overcast sky on Saturday morning.  We climbed into Darrin’s truck and off we went in search of bails and a corn field.  I could have shot with these two for hours and hours…but I had to keep myself in check, I do want to stay on Darrin’s good side 😉  And afterall this was just supposed to be a mini session.  But can you blame me for getting a little carried away?  Look how cute they are!!!

It’s easy to see from these pictures that these two are uber cute together and so totally in love with each other.  It makes my heart happy to see them together!  I love how they make each other laugh, I love how Darrin is so totally taken by Tracy and her sweet self, and I love how much Tracy adores Darrin.  These two are probably some of the kindest people I’ve ever known, both of them are so quick to help out their friends and family – no questions asked. For me, sometimes that help means a trip to the border by Darrin to pick up a parcel for me or Tracy squeezing me in for a cut and color when i’m out in Winkler.

Darrin and Trace, it was a pleasure to spend some time with you guys last week!  This is going into the memory bank with watching RAD too many times, fishing trips up north, crazy Vegas shopping weekends and serenading Julie with Spice Girls 😉 Love you both so much!

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♥ You and I are paintin’ pictures in the sky

This is not the first time I’ve had Chad and Stacey in front of my camera, and as always it’s such a pleasure to photograph them.  This year they decided to do a little “celebration shoot” for their FIVE year wedding anniversary!  It was a gorgeous afternoon and it’s hard to believe just a couple of weeks ago there were still that many leaves on the trees!  Enjoy this sneak peek and here’s to many many more years of happily ever after!

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♥ If Walls Could Talk….

Many of you will recognize this house as a house i’ve shot in before, or the house my dad grew up in, but my dad and his siblings were not the only kids to grow up in this house.  Sometime after my dad’s family moved out of the village, Kelly’s family moved in.  And while the house has been sitting empty for the last 4 years or so, there are soooooo many memories still living in that house.  If those walls could talk i’m sure they would have many stories to tell of giggling sisters learning to dance in an upstairs bedroom (and I do know that one happened for sure).

Kelly emailed me this summer familiar with pictures i’ve taken in the house and asked if we could go there for a shoot….so I booked her in for a November date.  A week later I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic when I realized I double booked her date!!  I emailed her to apologize and offer her a different date a couple weeks earlier…..lucky for us it was a happy accident because if we would have shot on the actual date (this weekend)  we would have had a foot of snow outside and i’m sure the house would have been FREEZING!

Enjoy your sneak peek Kelly and Garry!  I hope the pictures will you give you a lifelong memory of your old home!

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