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I love you, always forever

This year for my annual Valentine’s Day shoot I wanted to do something different….so I did my shoot with a family, which I hadn’t done before and I invited Alana from Brillante to collaborate and style the set for me AND I told her I think I wanted to do something monochromatic….which was something TOTALLY different for me, lover of all things colourful! ¬†But I think it still fits the B2 style with pops of colour in props and wardrobe ūüėČ ¬†Alana loaded up her vehicle and we unpacked all kinds of fun and beautiful props….stay tuned for an upcoming post on the blog featuring Alana, her work and how this shoot went from concept board to reality!

Darrin, Tracy, Emily and Cru took this shoot over the top! ¬†These four have crazy awesome style and Emmy and Cru? ¬†C’mon. ¬†They are just the cutest ever! ¬†Emily’s personality jumps off the screen!!! ¬†If you think this cutie is sweet in her pictures, multiply that by 100 and that’s her in ¬†real life! ¬†Telling stories oh so expressively¬†and with so much excitement! ¬†Cru, he’s all cheeks and charm! ¬†A real little heart breaker that one! ¬†He’s so chill and just melts you with his big round eyes!

I hope you enjoy these cuties! Once your done admiring their sweet faces make sure you enter the LOVE DAY GIVEAWAY to win a shoot with B2 or a consultation with Brillante! YAY!

Bueckert_Valentine_0341 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0329 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0005 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0370 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0220 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0528 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0012 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0572 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0067 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0094 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0575 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0023 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0120 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0126 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0165 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0169 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0185 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0459 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0270 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0253 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0351 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0384 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0397 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0401 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0469 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0245 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0501 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0605 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0606 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0672 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0692 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0714 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0783 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0807 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0838 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0861 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0866 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0883 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0968 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1006 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_1030 copy



Bueckert_Valentine_1075 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_1080 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_1081 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_1100 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1117 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1131 copy


Love Day Giveaway…..and the winner is….

Well, the 5th Annual Love Day Giveaway has come and gone, as always I loved reading your entries and even if you don’t win I hope you all make a point to capture some photos of your family this year!!

Now the part everyone is waiting for…..

Congrats to Britney R!  I am so excited to capture you and your little family this summer!!

THANK YOU to everyone who entered!  I hope I am still lucky enough to see some of you in front of my camera this summer!!

Want to book a spring or summer session? Email me! I am now accepting a limited number of bookings for April through June!


VDay_2015_421 copy

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All you need is love, love is all you need

Time for one of my favourite shoots of the year! ¬†This year it’s filled with shine, style and two sweet little valentines! ¬†I’m pretty sure that about 15 minutes into this shoot Gina and Stacy were probably thinking “why did she want our crazy kids for this??”, and ya maybe I was a little crazy asking two almost three year olds (threenagers) to be my models, but truth is I’ve been waiting for Stella to be my model for one of my valentine shoots ever since she was born!!! ¬†So I was up for the challenge and it wasn’t really that challenging at all….more like a LOT of fun! ¬†Be my valentine?? ¬†I’m not sure anyone could say no to these two sweet faces!

Stella and Griffin are BEST BUDS so I thought he was the perfect little valentine for her to bring along for the shoot, I think their favourite thing to do together is watch the garbage truck ūüėČ

I hope you enjoy these two sweet little valentines, and when you’re done admiring their cute faces make sure you enter the LOVE DAY GIVEAWAY!

GET THE LOOK! ¬†Stella’s headbands from GlamHerBands!

VDay_2015_003 copy



VDay_2015_037 copy


VDay_2015_040 copy

VDay_2015_102 copy


VDay_2015_127 copy

VDay_2015_011 copy


VDay_2015_146 copy


VDay_2015_254 copy

VDay_2015_165 copy


VDay_2015_166 copy


VDay_2015_289 copy

VDay_2015_227 copy


VDay_2015_199 copy

VDay_2015_265 copy


VDay_2015_357 copy

VDay_2015_439 copy


VDay_2015_369 copy


VDay_2015_435 copy

VDay_2015_390 copy


VDay_2015_412 copy

VDay_2015_421 copy

VDay_2015_425 copy

VDay_2015_503 copy


VDay_2015_515 copy

VDay_2015_488 copy


VDay_2015_520 copy

VDay_2015_510 copy

VDay_2015_524 copy


VDay_2015_543 copy



VDay_2015_783 copy


VDay_2015_785 copy

VDay_2015_792 copy


VDay_2015_709 copy


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LOVE Day Giveaway 2016!

LOVE 2016 copy

Happy Valentine‚Äôs Day everyone! ¬†Wow, can you believe it’s the 5th annual LOVE Day Giveaway?! ¬†This is always one of my favourite shoots of the year to share….what’s not to love about planning a session for a holiday that’s all about pink and hearts and love and sparkle! ¬†And what’s not to love about using this as a special occasion to share some love and give away a shoot! <3 ¬†¬†I LOVE reading all your comments about the photos that you‚Äôre dreaming of having taken!

It‚Äôs easy peasy to enter! ¬†All you have to do is follow these steps for your entries! ¬†Once you’re done head on over to admire my two sweet valentines this year!

1. Leave a comment on this post and let me know what kind of session you would LOVE!
2. Like B2 Photography on Facebook and share about the giveaway on your wall! (Pssst, you can use the share button right at the top or bottom of this post, or share this photo on Facebook!)  Make sure your post is public so I can see it!)
BONUS!¬†For an extra entry (or if you don’t use Facebook) share about the giveaway on Instagram!

Giveaway has ended.

*the deets*

  • If you want pictures of your family, yourself, your baby bump, you and your bestie, a grad session this is for you! ¬†Sorry, the session can not be used for a newborn shoot.
  • Includes a one hour photo session for up to 4 people, an online gallery and three high res files for digital download.
  • Session must take place between now and May 31 in Winnipeg or surrounding area.
  • Session is non transferrable.

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