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Love Day Giveaway, and the winner is….

THANK YOU to everyone who entered this year’s Love Day Giveaway!!   And a HUGE thank-you to Alana for collaborating on this session and giveaway with me!!!

Now the part everyone is waiting for…..

Congrats to Krista S,  I am so excited to capture your daughter’s birthday session!!
Congrats to Melissa B, who won a consult with Brillante! 

Even if you didn’t win, I hope I am still lucky enough to see some of you in front of my camera this summer!!

Bueckert_Valentine_0606 copy

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Meet Alana from Brillante!

Hey friends!  Today I want to introduce to to the lovely Alana from Brillante and let you in on how to win a consultation with her!!

Brillante 302

I was lucky enough to meet Alana when she hired me for a session with her three girls, I walked into the playroom she designed for her girls and I instantly fell in love with her style!  Bright pops of colours, glass jars filled with brightly coloured art supplies, pretty wooden toys….everything serves a purpose and looks pretty on a shelf!

Chernecki_860 copy

Chernecki_975 copy

Chernecki_928 copy

When Alana launched Brillante I knew it would be a smashing success and I am always excited to shoot any space she has touched….she has “it” when it comes to design.  Her experiences as a teacher and her life as a mom make her the perfect person to put together pretty, functional and educational spaces for kids!

Brillante_012 copy

Brillante_022 copy

Brillante_024 copy

Brillante_074 copy

Brillante_114 copy

Brillante_202 copy

Brillante_215 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1154 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1175 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1180 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1196 copy

Alana_015 copy

Alana_019 copy

Alana_092 copy

Alana_107 copy

Alana_111 copy

When I thought about shooting in a special space for this year’s Valentines Days shoot I knew she was the best choice for designing the set!  We chatted about my monochromatic ideas over a latte and shortly after she sent me a concept board.  I told her the things that popped to me and from there, she packed up the goodies that we would need and put together this gorgeous space the morning of our shoot.  It was perfect!!!

OB-monochrome - B2 shoot copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0005 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0006 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0008 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0009 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0010 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0012 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0015 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0019 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0021 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0023 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1134 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1141 copy

Want to win your own consultation with Alana?!  I know I would!!!  Head over and leave a comment on our Love Day Giveaway post to enter!  And then tell your friends!


Love Day Giveaway 2017!

VDAY 2017-2 copy

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  It’s the 6th annual Love Day Giveaway!  LIKE! COMMENT! SHARE, your way to  session with me! YAY!

This year I wanted to do something extra special for my valentine shoot so I invited one of my favourite creatives to collaborate with me! Alana from Brillante worked her magic and styled this gorgeous black and white set for the shoot and it turned out so fabulously.  Big heart eyes for her style and how she just finds all the perfect pieces to put together!

This year there are two lovely prizes up for grabs:

  • A one hour photo session with B2 Photography!
  • A one hour consult with Brillante!

It’s easy peasy to enter!  All you have to do is LIKE! COMMENT! SHARE!  

Once you’re done head on over to admire our sweet valentine shoot for this year!

1. Like B2 Photography on Facebook & Instagram
2. Like Brillante on Facebook & Instagram
3. Leave a comment on this post and tell us what kind of session you would love AND what room or project in your house needs Alana’s magic touch!
4. Tell your friends!

BONUS! For an extra entry head over to Instagram and leave a comment our posts there too!

*the deets*

  • If you want pictures of your family, yourself, your baby bump, you and your bestie, a grad session this is for you!  Sorry, the session can not be used for a newborn shoot.
  • Includes a one hour photo session for up to 4 people, an online gallery and three high res files for digital download.
  • Session must take place between now and May 31 in Winnipeg or surrounding area.
  • Session is non transferrable.
  • Design consult includes a one-hour visit to your home (or e-consult if outside the city of Winnipeg)
  • On-site feedback and ideas to help you create a swoony space for your little ones (playroom, bedroom, nursery, teen retreat)
  • Concept board with notes, sources + links to be shared digitally following the consult
  • Contest closes Wednesday February 22.


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I love you, always forever

This year for my annual Valentine’s Day shoot I wanted to do something different….so I did my shoot with a family, which I hadn’t done before and I invited Alana from Brillante to collaborate and style the set for me AND I told her I think I wanted to do something monochromatic….which was something TOTALLY different for me, lover of all things colourful!  But I think it still fits the B2 style with pops of colour in props and wardrobe 😉  Alana loaded up her vehicle and we unpacked all kinds of fun and beautiful props….stay tuned for an upcoming post on the blog featuring Alana, her work and how this shoot went from concept board to reality!

Darrin, Tracy, Emily and Cru took this shoot over the top!  These four have crazy awesome style and Emmy and Cru?  C’mon.  They are just the cutest ever!  Emily’s personality jumps off the screen!!!  If you think this cutie is sweet in her pictures, multiply that by 100 and that’s her in  real life!  Telling stories oh so expressively and with so much excitement!  Cru, he’s all cheeks and charm!  A real little heart breaker that one!  He’s so chill and just melts you with his big round eyes!

I hope you enjoy these cuties! Once your done admiring their sweet faces make sure you enter the LOVE DAY GIVEAWAY to win a shoot with B2 or a consultation with Brillante! YAY!

Bueckert_Valentine_0341 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0329 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0005 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0370 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0220 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0528 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0012 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0572 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0067 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0094 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0575 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0023 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0120 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0126 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0165 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0169 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0185 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0459 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0270 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0253 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0351 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0384 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0397 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0401 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0469 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0245 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0501 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0605 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0606 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0672 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0692 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0714 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0783 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0807 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0838 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0861 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_0866 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0883 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_0968 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1006 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_1030 copy



Bueckert_Valentine_1075 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_1080 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_1081 copy


Bueckert_Valentine_1100 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1117 copy

Bueckert_Valentine_1131 copy


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