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I saw a shooting star and thought of you

Time to check in with Kingston!  Aka the Birthday Dude….or the almost Birthday Dude.  Last time we saw him he was a few months old and i’m sure you all remember his gorgeous at home newborn session.  Since then he’s gotten a smile full of teeth, some adorable curls, he’s standing and oh so close to taking some steps!  But one thing has not changed……he’s still one stylin’ little guy!

I had so much fun planning this backdrop! Something simple and clean, with a little pop of navy.  I knew his mom had carefully planned his room with lots of stars when he was a baby and that’s where I got the inspiration for the backdrop.

Kingston is SO sweet!  I loved watching him snuggle with his blanket and play with his toys.  He as the most gorgeous blue eyes they sparkle when he’s smiling and even when he’s not!  And those cheeks?!  C’mon!  Cutest ever!


Kingston_007 copy

Kingston_052 copy

Kingston_028 copy


Kingston_045 copy


Kingston_065 copy

Kingston_079 copy

Kingston_092 copy

Kingston_009 copy

Kingston_109 copy


Kingston_135 copy


Kingston_142 copy


Kingston_167 copy

Kingston_175 copy

Kingston_220 copy

Kingston_223 copy


Kingston_236 copy

Kingston_219 copy


Kingston_380 copy

Kingston_368 copy


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Lean out and touch the tree tops over town

I’m sure you’ll remember this sweetie from her gorgeous at home newborn session last spring, well time to check in with Norah again because she turned one!!  I was SO excited when her mom emailed me to start planning her one year session because she wanted a shoot full of colour and fun!  We started throwing around some ideas and then she sent me a picture of a hot air balloon mobile she found on Pinterest that was the inspiration for Norah’s new room.  I check out the pin and thought “I can make that!” or “I can TRY to make that!”.  Well turns out I could!  And they made the cutest little hot air balloon backdrop!  Perfect for this little pilot flying away in her own hot air ballon wearing her pilots hat made just for her by her auntie!

Norah was quite the little super star!  She was so happy this whole session and was a lot of fun to capture!



Norah_037 copy

Norah_046 copy


Norah_074 copy

Norah_090 copy


Norah_206 copy

Norah_224 copy


Norah_252 copy

Norah_282 copy

Norah_330 copy

Norah_343 copy


Norah_375 copy

Norah_447 copy

Norah_421 copy

Norah_470 copy


Norah_494 copy


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Come along, sing a song and join the jamboree!

Since Stella starred in my Valentine’s Day shoot this year so close to her birthday we postponed her official birthday shoot until a little later.  I knew I wanted to do a polka dot background to her and then the rest of the details just fell right into place.  This was probably the easiest time we ever had picking her wardrobe!  I think my favourite part might be the red striped tights with her pink Converse high tops!

One of our favourite things to do together is sing and and dance (march) to some of our favourite Disney songs so the soundtrack to this shoot was The Mickey Mouse Club March, Following the Leader and the Winnie the Pooh song (I like the classics!)….it kept Stellie dancing and singing when we almost had lost her attention!

Hard to believe this kiddo is three already!  We just got back from a family vacation to Mexico a month ago and I think she was the most fun yet on this vacation!  She was a little fish, swimming SO much, jumping in and being so brave.  Only came out of the pool for smoothies!  She requested “just ice cream” for lunch a couple times.  Kept us entertained playing Paw Patrol in the pool (“Chase is on the case!”) and perhaps my favourite little Stella quirk from this vacation….when we said to her “thumbs up for Mexico!” she would say it back and stick out her pointer finger. He he.  She keeps our life so entertaining and joyful! <3



Becky_3045 copy


Becky_3062 copy


Becky_3074 copy


Becky_3090 copy


Becky_3092 copy


Becky_3116 copy


Becky_3131 copy


Becky_3202 copy


Becky_3258 copy

Becky_3308 copy


Becky_3327 copy

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You light up my days

I love Celebration Sessions!  They are such a fun way to pass the winter months when we are trying to keep warm indoors!  When planning this session for Harper’s 2 year photos Lauren suggested including lights in the shoot since they are something Harper loves!  So we mixed some lights, with some sparkles and some balloons and had a pretty little session for Harper!

This one was jam packed with fun!  Dancing, running, jumping and the many faces of Harper!  She is such a sweetie!  But it’s tough work during a model and every now and then she would head over to the couch and get comfy and tell us “sit on couch”.  It was so cute!  She was talking up a storm and I couldn’t get enough of her little voice and all her stories!  She started off a little bit shy, but by the end of the shoot we were great buds and I even got a great big hug before she headed home!


Harper_029 copy


Harper_054 copy

Harper_068 copy

Harper_114 copy

Harper_087 copy


Harper_128 copy

Harper_143 copy


Harper_198 copy

Harper_200 copy

Harper_319 copy


Harper_237 copy

Harper_306 copy

Harper_267 copy

Harper_371 copy

Harper_390 copy

Harper_392 copy

Harper_429 copy

Harper_482 copy

Harper_505 copy

Harper_508 copy

Harper_534 copy


Harper_577 copy

Harper_586 copy


Harper_594 copy

Harper_649 copy

Harper_674 copy

Harper_682 copy

Harper_719 copy

Harper_726 copy

Harper_790 copy

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