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Look at the stars, look how they shine for you

We should have known better than to plan an outdoor session on May long weekend, right?  Right!  The day before our shoot the forecast was looking WET and dreary so I preemptively emailed Ayli to find out if she would be interested in changing our plans from an outdoor evening shoot to a morning celebration session!  She was game for a change in plans and we made the right decision because we woke up to a wet and dreary morning the next day!

It had been a year since I had seen Josh and Sam!  Josh was a tiny little babe the last time I saw him and now he was a curious, crawling toddler!  Sam was just as polite and sweet as ever, always ready to offer a helping hand and was a major help in getting the balloons all in place ready for the shoot!  My favourite part of this shoot is all the sweet images of the boys with their parents…you can just feel the love!


Klein_006 copy

Klein_099 copy

Klein_541 copy

Klein_018 copy

Klein_306 copy

Klein_129 copy



Klein_214 copy

Klein_039 copy

Klein_141 copy

Klein_577 copy

Klein_045 copy


Klein_153 copy

Klein_333 copy

Klein_052 copy


Klein_175 copy

Klein_344 copy

Klein_586 copy


Klein_395 copy


Klein_433 copy

Klein_371 copy

Klein_557 copy

Klein_451 copy

Klein_461 copy


Down here all the fish is happy

This past weekend we got a little spring surprise in the form of SNOW (ugh!) but inside we were playin’ and pretending we were under the sea!   A few weeks ago Tracy showed me some outfits she had been eyeing for the boys and I knew from that pineapple shirt they would be the perfect models for this shoot idea I had floating around (ha ha) in my head.  Nick and Jack were so much fun!  How lucky am I to have friends who bring their kids to me whenever I need models?   I appreciate it so much!!

There was so much fun and excitement with all these sea creatures to play with!  Balloons always make such a fun photoshoot and these fish balloons from Anagram were absolutely perfect!

Enjoy these pics as we dream about summer and all the beach days to come!

Under the Sea_418 copy

Under the Sea_427 copy


Under the Sea_082 copy

Under the Sea_150 copy

Under the Sea_171 copy

Under the Sea_185 copy


Under the Sea_365 copy

Under the Sea_250 copy

Under the Sea_128 copy

Under the Sea_256 copy


Under the Sea_275 copy


Under the Sea_555 copy

Under the Sea_303 copy


Under the Sea_315 copy

Under the Sea_292 copy

Under the Sea_160 copy

Under the Sea_330 copy

Under the Sea_475 copy

Under the Sea_348 copy


Under the Sea_360 copy


Under the Sea_503 copy

Under the Sea_430 copy


Under the Sea_528 copy


Under the Sea_541 copy


Under the Sea_507 copy

Young hearts run free

It might be a dreary morning outside…with snow on the way (NO!) so I decided I would brighten things up with a super springy session I had last month with baby Abby!  I love all her different smiles…she was practicing hard before this shoot! 😉

This little lady tried really hard to trick me into playing instead of taking photos, bringing me books and plopping herself down in my lap mid shoot!  It was really hard not to put my camera down and just have a little Abby cuddle, but we had to get back to the job at hand and it was worth it….love all these pics of this cutie!!


Abby_0014 copy


Abby_0087 copy

Abby_0105 copy

Abby_0117 copy


Abby_0126 copy

Abby_0131 copy

Abby_0193 copy


Abby_0231 copy

Abby_0236 copy

Abby_0270 copy

Abby_0282 copy

Abby_0423 copy


Abby_0487 copy

Abby_0489 copy


Abby_0585 copy

Abby_0603 copy

Abby_0559 copy


Far, far away… Behind the moon. Beyond the rain.

It’s hard to believe it’s already Stella’s 4th birthday!!!  Where does time go?!  We have seen her grow up so much this year and turn into a little lady!  I love her spunk and how a hug from her can turn any bad day into a good one!  This year it’s all about Doc McStuffins, Paw Patrol, princess dresses, Barbies and Mary Poppins!  She is starting to sound so grown up, using phrases she hears the adults around her say, and it’s so cute!

I always change my mind a few times before I decide on an idea for her birthday photos, this year was no different but when I saw this balloon rainbow Photo Booth idea on one of my favourite party blogs, Oh Happy Day, I just knew I had to try it!  I was setting up the morning of the shoot and three balloons in I had to wake up Chris to help me….I was afraid I had bitten off more than I could chew and I was WORRIED!  When my family arrived I wasn’t even half done yet, EEKS!  So Stella had some time to play while everyone else pitched in to help tie, tape and blow up balloons.  It really was a family affair!  And well worth it….it was perfect for the photos!

I will never grow tired of our fun shoots together!!! I hope she never does either!


Stella_Birthday_0004 copy

Stella_Birthday_0036 copy


Stella_Birthday_0038 copy

Stella_Birthday_0053 copy


Stella_Birthday_0090 copy


Stella_Birthday_0113 copy


Stella_Birthday_0148 copy

Stella_Birthday_0156 copy

Stella_Birthday_0207 copy

Stella_Birthday_0197 copy

Stella_Birthday_0244 copy

Stella_Birthday_0257 copy

Stella_Birthday_0271 copy


Stella_Birthday_0315 copy


Stella_Birthday_0362 copy

Stella_Birthday_0365 copy

Stella_Birthday_0372 copy

Stella_Birthday_0176 copy

Stella_Birthday_0389 copy

Stella_Birthday_0431 copy

Stella_Birthday_0432 copy

Stella_Birthday_0443 copy

Stella_Birthday_0516 copy

Stella_Birthday_0455 copy

Stella_Birthday_0462 copy

Stella_Birthday_0491 copy

Stella_Birthday_0499 copy


Stella_Birthday_0508 copy


Stella_Birthday_0523 copy


Stella_Birthday_0545 copy


Stella_Birthday_0578 copy


Stella_Birthday_0592 copy

Stella_Birthday_0617 copy

Stella_Birthday_0630 copy

Stella_Birthday_0686 copy

Stella_Birthday_0694 copy


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