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You light up my life

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting sweet little Ryan!  You’ll remember his mom and dad from their bump photos earlier this summer and Ryan made his grand entrance in late July.  We had a relaxed newborn session capturing this cutie as he checked out his new digs!  Ryan gave us so many different expressions, I love getting to capture all those newborn faces….awake, sleeping, yawning….and I don’t even mind capturing a cry or two 😉


Blue skies smiling at me

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of capturing Arie for his first birthday!  We had a wonderful evening of glistening sunshine and no bugs!  It was so much fun capturing the many faces of Arie!  ENJOY!


Hello world, this is me.

Say hello to Avery!  This little lady was a perfect poser during her newborn shoot and big sister Harper was a perfect little assistant…helping out with blankets and checking on her little sister every now and then just to see how she was doing!

This really was a perfect newborn shoot…while Avery snoozed Harper snacked on goldfish and the grown-ups enjoyed Starbucks….in between snapping adorable pics of this family of course!



Avery_1412 copy

Avery_1434 copy

Avery_1450 copy

Avery_1494 copy


Avery_1505 copy


Avery_1576 copy

Avery_1582 copy

Avery_1591 copy

Avery_1601 copy

Avery_1644 copy

Avery_1648 copy

Avery_1661 copy

Avery_1697 copy

Avery_1707 copy

Avery_1718 copy

Avery_1721-Edit copy

Avery_1731 copy

Avery_1737 copy

Avery_1757 copy


Avery_2113 copy


Avery_2094 copy

Avery_1996 copy

Avery_1965 copy

Avery_2085 copy

Avery_1940 copy

Avery_1774 copy

Avery_1781 copy


Avery_1796 copy

Avery_1803 copy

Avery_1829 copy

Avery_1874 copy


Avery_1901 copy


Avery_1903 copy

Avery_1922 copy


Young hearts run free

It might be a dreary morning outside…with snow on the way (NO!) so I decided I would brighten things up with a super springy session I had last month with baby Abby!  I love all her different smiles…she was practicing hard before this shoot! 😉

This little lady tried really hard to trick me into playing instead of taking photos, bringing me books and plopping herself down in my lap mid shoot!  It was really hard not to put my camera down and just have a little Abby cuddle, but we had to get back to the job at hand and it was worth it….love all these pics of this cutie!!


Abby_0014 copy


Abby_0087 copy

Abby_0105 copy

Abby_0117 copy


Abby_0126 copy

Abby_0131 copy

Abby_0193 copy


Abby_0231 copy

Abby_0236 copy

Abby_0270 copy

Abby_0282 copy

Abby_0423 copy


Abby_0487 copy

Abby_0489 copy


Abby_0585 copy

Abby_0603 copy

Abby_0559 copy


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