The hills were alive with wildflowers

You might remember Cooper from the blog a couple years ago, he was just a little dude the last time we saw him! Since then he’s moved with his family to Edmonton and became a big brother!! Lucky for me Cooper and his little sister Brynn made time for a photo shoot in their most recent trip to Winnipeg and we had so much fun!

Cooper is such a fun guy!! We talked about the Blue Jays, chased bubbles and played with swatted mosquitos. Ok the mosquito part wasn’t fun, but there were so many of them it’s burned into my memory!! Haha. Brynn was celebrating her birthday the weekend they were out so it was perfect timing for photos! She even stood on her own (cautiously! Lol) for a few pics! Such a cute smile and gorgeous eyes!

Cooper & Brynn_021 copy

Cooper & Brynn_022 copy


Cooper & Brynn_204 copy


Cooper & Brynn_046 copy

Cooper & Brynn_083 copy


Cooper & Brynn_353 copy


Cooper & Brynn_101 copy


Cooper & Brynn_120 copy

Cooper & Brynn_309 copy


Cooper & Brynn_314 copy


Cooper & Brynn_165 copy

Cooper & Brynn_213 copy

Cooper & Brynn_450 copy

Cooper & Brynn_473 copy


Cooper & Brynn_486 copy

Cooper & Brynn_520 copy

Cooper & Brynn_631 copy

Cooper & Brynn_659 copy

Cooper & Brynn_678 copy


Cooper & Brynn_588 copy


Cooper & Brynn_696 copy

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