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When I dropped off Stacie and Marc’s maternity photos Stacie gave me the heads up that I should be hearing some news about baby any day now!  So I wasn’t surprised when a couple of days later I got a text telling me about their new baby boy, Arie!

I was so excited to meet him and he must have been excited about his shoot too because he did not want to miss a minute of it!  He is so sweet and so loved!  You can just see the love and adoration when Marc and Stacie cuddle him, change him, feed him…..they are such naturals!  It was a pleasure to capture these images of this adorable family of 3!


Arie_293 copy

Arie_045 copy

Arie_028 copy

Arie_024 copy

Arie_075 copy

Arie_053 copy

Arie_062 copy


Arie_096 copy


Arie_107 copy

Arie_110 copy

Arie_159 copy


Arie_170 copy

Arie_176 copy

Arie_179 copy

Arie_188 copy

Arie_206 copy

Arie_236 copy

Arie_265 copy

Arie_299 copy

Arie_303 copy

Arie_270 copy

Arie_306 copy

Arie_314 copy

Arie_332 copy

Arie_353 copy

Arie_357 copy

Arie_364 copy

Arie_494 copy

Arie_421 copy



  • Such beautifully photos of a beautiful family!! Stacie looks gorgeous, Marc a proud father and Arie is a little sweetheart!

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