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I shared this on Facebook last week, but I’ll share it again for those of you that don’t follow me there….my first memory of Jyana is from the skating rink and she was just a baby at the time.  Her mom, Trish would bring her in to the rink and ask if someone could hold her while she went out to bring in the other girls. I always volunteered if I was there!  I have lots of memories of Jyana from when she was little….our first photo shoot together she was in pigtails and the cutest little Tommy Hilfiger pleated skirt….she was a cutie!  Always a little bit quieter than her big sisters but she had the cutest shy little smile for the camera! Here we are many years later and I am so lucky to capture her grad photos!!

It’s a really special thing to capture grad photos for someone you’ve watched grow up….knowing what a special time it is in their lives as they prepare to start on their next big adventure!  Jyana’s next big adventure is going to be university!  As much as grads must get sick of that dreaded question “what are you doing next year?”, I really love hearing the answers!  When Jyana told me she was going to study nursing it seemed like such a perfect fit for someone so kind, I could just picture her providing the most loving care for patients!  Anyone would be lucky to have a nurse like her someday!

We had such a fun mother-daughter evening touring around Winnipeg to a few of my favourite spots and one of Trish’s favourite spot (I love it when clients have location requests!).  Sometimes I can get a little carried away when i’m shooting grads….I could shoot for hours and hours with such gorgeous gals….it’s really nice to have subjects that don’t run away from me 😉

CONGRATS Jyana!  Thank you so much for allowing me to capture these special memories for you!

Jyana_014 copy


Jyana_049 copy


Jyana_076 copy

Jyana_088 copy

Jyana_157 copy


Jyana_184 copy

Jyana_191 copy

Jyana_196 copy


Jyana_204 copy


Jyana_240 copy


Jyana_263 copy


Jyana_313 copy

Jyana_321 copy


Jyana_346 copy

Jyana_358 copy


Jyana_393 copy

Jyana_405 copy

Jyana_424 copy

Jyana_492 copy


Jyana_438 copy

Jyana_451 copy

Jyana_455 copy


Jyana_466 copy

Jyana_503 copy


Jyana_547 copy

Jyana_549 copy


Jyana_563 copy


Jyana_624 copy


Jyana_650 copy

Jyana_666 copy

Jyana_511 copy

Jyana_689 copy


Jyana_704 copy

Jyana_740 copy

Jyana_749 copy

Jyana_783 copy

Jyana_792 copy

Jyana_808 copy

Jyana_833 copy

Jyana_860 copy


Jyana_866 copy

Jyana_869 copy

Jyana_874 copy

Jyana_883 copy

Jyana_895 copy

Jyana_887 copy


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