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I love Celebration Sessions!  They are such a fun way to pass the winter months when we are trying to keep warm indoors!  When planning this session for Harper’s 2 year photos Lauren suggested including lights in the shoot since they are something Harper loves!  So we mixed some lights, with some sparkles and some balloons and had a pretty little session for Harper!

This one was jam packed with fun!  Dancing, running, jumping and the many faces of Harper!  She is such a sweetie!  But it’s tough work during a model and every now and then she would head over to the couch and get comfy and tell us “sit on couch”.  It was so cute!  She was talking up a storm and I couldn’t get enough of her little voice and all her stories!  She started off a little bit shy, but by the end of the shoot we were great buds and I even got a great big hug before she headed home!


Harper_029 copy


Harper_054 copy

Harper_068 copy

Harper_114 copy

Harper_087 copy


Harper_128 copy

Harper_143 copy


Harper_198 copy

Harper_200 copy

Harper_319 copy


Harper_237 copy

Harper_306 copy

Harper_267 copy

Harper_371 copy

Harper_390 copy

Harper_392 copy

Harper_429 copy

Harper_482 copy

Harper_505 copy

Harper_508 copy

Harper_534 copy


Harper_577 copy

Harper_586 copy


Harper_594 copy

Harper_649 copy

Harper_674 copy

Harper_682 copy

Harper_719 copy

Harper_726 copy

Harper_790 copy

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  • These pictures are wonderful! What a special album and keepsake they will be in years to come! Thanks for sharing!!

  • She is seriously far to cute!! love all her big smiles.

  • I promise you this is exactly what every moment of every day in Harper’s life is like. It’s 100% smiles, balloons, lights, pink shoes, and sparkly things. Becky simply captured Harper in her natural habitat… (She’s basically a nature photographer.) #ProudDad

  • Becky …..I agree wholeheartdly with Cory’s comments !!! You captured Harper in her true essence 🙂 She is an amazing little girl and lights up my world everytime I am able to be with her ( especially when she call me OMA !!!)
    Thank you !!!!

  • She’s adorable! Reminds me of a mini Lauren. Flashbacks!

  • What a wonderful treat to see the pure joy this little angel exudes!,,Can hardly wait for the big July wedding to experience her in person!,,,

  • These moments keep us up to date with our great niece’s special days. Becky, you do an amazing job of capturing all that Harper is, and of course how much she brings and means to her amazing parents. Can hardly wait til we see her again.

  • These are great pictures! Beautifully done

  • Terrific photos Becky–love the smiles, the twinkling eyes. I am sure there were squeals of delight. You have captured moments that Harper will likely not forget.

  • What a happy little girl…sooo cute!!!
    Beautiful photography as well.

  • Awesome shots! I would love to be able to add captions! Like for the one where she is climbing on the chair, “I know this isn’t very ladylike, but do you realize how high this chair is???”

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