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Last time I was at Abby’s house I was going through her closet to pick out clothes for her 6 month shoot and I kept picking more and more and more….I picked enough for TWO shoots!  So when Abby and Julie were coming over for a visit one morning I told Julie to bring along some of those outfits I chose and we’d do a little mini photo shoot!  We had so much fun!  Julie sang all of Abby’s favourite songs to try and keep her awake! And after her hard work modelling all her outfits she took a good snooze!  Which gave her mom and I lots of time for online shopping!

Here’s #babyabby at 5 months!


Abby5Months_007 copy

Abby5Months_010 copy


Abby5Months_021 copy

Abby5Months_082 copy

Abby5Months_103 copy

Abby5Months_106 copy


Abby5Months_112 copy

Abby5Months_128 copy

Abby5Months_143 copy

Abby5Months_169 copy

Abby5Months_176 copy


Abby5Months_196 copy

Abby5Months_204 copy

Abby’s look!
Pink sweatshirt and cardy – Splendid
Striped hoodie – Baby Gap
Flowered leggings – Carter’s

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