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I have one more shoot from 2015 that I just had to share!!  I have been patiently…or impatiently waiting until after Christmas to share these and after viewing the blog post i’m sure you can see why….this was such a fun session!

Ever since Sharenda booked this shoot I have been SO excited to work with her boys!  They look like so much from from what I have seen of them on Instagram and Facebook and I must say they did not disappoint! Smith and Liam were a blast to photograph!  These two are not shy and chatted away the whole session!  Telling me about the video games they love to play, helping me find spots we should stop for photos and even giving me their ideas for the next poses, by the end of the session Liam was pretending to take photos of me with his imaginary camera!

We had the perfect fall day for these photos, it was warm (almost hot!) and the fall colours were PERFECT!!  I’m sure a week later the leaves were almost gone!



Wiebe_078 copy

Wiebe_113 copy

Wiebe_121 copy

Wiebe_153 copy

Wiebe_175 copy

Wiebe_201 copy


Wiebe_244 copy


Wiebe_229 copy


Wiebe_335 copy

Wiebe_352 copy


Wiebe_421 copy

Wiebe_479 copy


Wiebe_499 copy

Wiebe_627 copy

Wiebe_655 copy

Wiebe_668 copy


Wiebe_691 copy

Wiebe_693 copy

Wiebe_728 copy

Wiebe_737 copy


Wiebe_769 copy

Wiebe_791 copy

Wiebe_811 copy

Wiebe_813 copy

Wiebe_823 copy

Wiebe_858 copy


Wiebe_974 copy

Wiebe_540-Edit copy

Wiebe_620 copy

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