Partying around the world, she wants to dance

Last weekend this little lady bounced up my front steps and in the front door and instantly started chatting my ear off…..”my mom and dad had  one like this on their wedding cake” (pointing to my Precious Moments Christmas village), “I know, I took pictures at their wedding!” She looked at me a little skeptical and I said “no really, I did!”……”Cool.”  I think she believed me 😉

Shelley texted me about Bella’s birthday shoot just after Christmas and I was instantly excited!  She sent me a picture of the dress, told me Bella loves all things pink and princess and left the rest up to me.  It really means so much when people trust me to do my thing!!  I was so excited to pull something together that was silver and gold, with lots of balloons! I love Celebration Sessions and this might be one of my favourites!

Bella was pure entertainment the whole shoot!  She was such a joy to have in front of my camera and made the shoot oodles of fun for me!  I loved how she got so into it, coming up with poses, proudly wearing the tiara I crafted and trying to blow the confetti! 😉  Check out all the fun we had!



Froese_022 copy


Froese_073 copy


Froese_106 copy

Froese_112 copy

Froese_115 copy

Froese_122 copy


Froese_162 copy

Froese_171 copy


Froese_183 copy

Froese_199 copy


Froese_215 copy


Froese_366 copy


Froese_438 copy


Froese_482 copy


Froese_519 copy


Froese_568 copy



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  • These are so cute B! What a little princess! She looks so much like her mom!

  • LOVE this little lady and her whole fam jam! I can totally see her face when you told her you took photos for her mom and dad’s wedding! lol! Love the close up where she is holding her crown! <3 Happy Birthday Bella!!!

  • What a great photoshoot! Gorgeous images and I love the set you created for her. What fun!

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