Country roads, take me home to the place I belong

I’ve been waiting to take these three back to this spot ever since Emily was born!  This is the same spot we took Tracy & Darrin’s maternity photos and I thought it would be neat if we came back as a party of three!

The last time we saw Emily on the blog was in the spring and she’s grown so much since then!  She’s still just as sweet as ever and then some!  It’s so fun to hear her learn her words and her personality is just so fun and outgoing.  Stella has taught her that i’m Auntie HaHa (or just HaHa for short) and I just have to tell one cute story about her.  This summer after a family trip to Fargo she would mention my name to her mom and her mom would ask her “where is HaHa?” and Emmy would say “camping”. LOL…nope, HaHa is not camping….she’ll learn one day that HaHa doesn’t camp 😉

Anyway, enough chatter…on to the photos of sweet little Emily!  ENJOY!

Emily_122 copy

Emily_249 copy


Emily_029 copy

Emily_031 copy


Emily_098 copy


Emily_176 copy

Emily_181 copy


Emily_190 copy


Emily_237 copy


Emily_302 copy


Emily_349 copy


Emily_481 copy

Emily_524 copy

Emily_537 copy

Emily_629 copy


Emily_684 copy

Emily_686 copy

Emily_698 copy

Emily_314 copy

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