I ain’t jumping off of this happy train

A few weeks ago I met up with Zoey, Easton, Colleen, Kevin and all of our little mosquito friends! Okay, well not so much the last part! 😉 It’s been almost a year since the last time we saw this crew and I was so excited to spend the evening outside with these four! Zoey twirled and posed for me (and talked my ear off!) and Owen liked playing with rocks and practiced his long distance running!

My favourite part of the shoot was ending it off with a sweet ice cream treat….I think it was Zoey’s favourite part too!

Enjoy this fun session!

Colleen_004 copy


Colleen_016 copy

Colleen_128 copy

Colleen_153 copy


Colleen_183 copy

Colleen_199 copy


Colleen_207 copy


Colleen_210 copy

Colleen_216 copy

Colleen_221 copy


Colleen_340 copy

Colleen_343 copy


Colleen_382 copy

Colleen_400 copy


Colleen_499 copy


Colleen_503 copy

Colleen_511 copy

Colleen_428 copy

Colleen_430 copy

Colleen_454 copy

Colleen_460 copy

Colleen_466 copy


Colleen_473 copy

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