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Do you ever wonder if the stars shine out for you

I always look forward to my shoots with Alisha and Julia!  They have usually spent some time browsing the blog and have a pretty good idea of what type of locations they want for their shoot.  This year they had a specific request….”the viney building”.  My FAVORITE!  I love this spot and was so happy they chose it!

After that we head to a treed path for some more pics and the mosquitoes followed us.  ALL the mosquitoes in the world followed us!  Or at least that’s what it felt like!  These girls are such troopers I didn’t hear one single complaint about the bugs!

As always they pulled together some perfectly coordinated outfits with awesome shoes!



A&J_104 copy

A&J_019 copy

A&J_022 copy


A&J_107 copy

A&J_111 copy


A&J_177 copy


A&J_211 copy


A&J_245 copy

A&J_257 copy

A&J_264 copy

A&J_303 copy


A&J_312 copy

A&J_323 copy


A&J_342 copy

A&J_363 copy


A&J_430 copy

A&J_448 copy


A&J_675 copy

A&J_722 copy

A&J_738 copy

A&J_770 copy

A&J_498 copy


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