Over in the meadow by the stream in the sun

This session started with a quick rain shower, we hid for cover and watched that one big cloud pass over and in no time the sun was shining again!  These little ladies were a blast to photograph!  Charlie and her gorgeous blue eyes and Emma has such a sweet care-free nature about her, I loved capturing her running, jumping and picking flowers in the field!  It was pretty cute, while Emma was running and twirling, Charlie just chilled in the grass and crawled around pretty happy to do just whatever!

Can we talk for a second about just how cute the wardrobe was for this session?  When I was planning which chairs to bring along Andee sent me pics of the girls outfits and I may have let out a little squeal!  Those who know me know I love mixing patterns, bright colours, rompers and chucks…..check, check, check, check!  I knew this was going to look amazing!!


Genereux_175 copy

Genereux_240 copy

Genereux_114 copy


Genereux_125 copy

Genereux_150 copy

Genereux_187 copy

Genereux_282 copy

Genereux_311 copy


Genereux_285 copy

Genereux_321 copy


Genereux_345 copy

Genereux_367 copy

Genereux_357 copy


Genereux_455 copy

Genereux_511 copy


Genereux_613 copy


Genereux_790 copy


Genereux_870 copy


Genereux_706 copy

Genereux_712 copy


Genereux_888 copy

Genereux_905 copy

Genereux_933 copy


Genereux_886 copy

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