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A month or so ago I posted a picture of a Polarn O. Pyret dress I was obsessed with on Instagram, I was dying to photograph a little girl in that dress!  Well when no one told me they were buying the dress…I bought the dress!  I couldn’t let this opportunity slip buy, I had to photograph it!    My sister is probably so sick of me already commandeering her daughter for photoshoots!  Especially when it entails me feeding her ice cream before bed…Sorry sister!

This photo shoot turned into Stella’s unofficial 2.5 year photos and I think it’s pretty perfect for her at this age since she LOVES ice cream or ice-eam in Stella speak.  She will show up at my mom’s house and at 10am say “I need some ice-eam” and well who doesn’t need ice cream at 10am?!  She has loved ice cream since she was little! Me and my mom were talking tonight about this picture we have of her eating ice cream in Mexico with my dad when she was 10ish months and she was staring up at him in awe like “this is the best thing in the world!”

Stella was SO fun at this shoot!  She loved eating “sparkles” (sprinkles) and would hop down off her chair and grab a handful and then eat them one by one.  So much for baking with those sprinkles! He he.  This was really the perfect kind of shoot to do with her at this age, not tootin’ my own horn but I do think she had fun and hardly noticed I was putting her to work as a model!

I hope you can see in these photos just how much personality she is full of!  She tells such great stories these days,  I love her at this age! I always say that two might not be fun to parent, but it sure is fun to be an auntie of a two year old!


Stella_013 copy


Stella_026 copy

Stella_029 copy


Stella_033 copy

Stella_053 copy


Stella_068 copy

Stella_070 copy


Stella_074 copy

Stella_076 copy


Stella_344 copy


Stella_094 copy


Stella_125 copy


Stella_141 copy


Stella_220 copy

Stella_250 copy


Stella_258 copy



Stella_336 copy


Stella_313 copy


Stella_323 copy


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