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In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree

We last saw Sawyer this winter at his 6 month shoot and now here he is again for his first birthday!  I went out to visit him and his parents a few weeks ago at their home just outside the city.  We explored around their yard where Sawyer let me know his favourite thing to do is sit on the riding lawnmower! He would have been happy to sit on it for the whole shoot but that might not have made for the best pictures! 😉  He also searched for pinecones and snacked on cherries and apples from  trees right in the yard!

This cutie is so much fun to photograph, those gorgeous blue eyes and those blonde curls, the camera just loves him!



Sawyer_012 copy


Sawyer_081 copy


Sawyer_291 copy


Sawyer_296 copy


Sawyer_306 copy


Sawyer_399 copy

Sawyer_460 copy

Sawyer_495 copy


Sawyer_504 copy


Sawyer_526 copy

Sawyer_539 copy


Sawyer_639 copy

Sawyer_648 copy

Sawyer_651 copy


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