With nothing but tall pines and my hand to hold

A few weeks ago I went to visit the Mowat’s at their new homestead!  I was so excited to explore around their new yard and shoot in amongst the big tall trees!  Much to my delight they had hung some super fun Edison Lights in the trees to add a little something to the shoot…it was perfect!  It was a super hot day so after we had some pics outside in the trees we head inside for a break from the heat and for some photos around the new place.

I always love my shoots with this family!  Kane is always so expressive in front of the camera and Rylee, man those blue eyes, the camera just loves them!!



Mowat_028 copy

Mowat_032 copy

Mowat_054 copy


Mowat_064 copy

Mowat_082 copy

Mowat_186 copy


Mowat_113 copy

Mowat_220 copy

Mowat_224 copy

Mowat_334 copy


Mowat_341 copy


Mowat_350 copy

Mowat_383 copy



Mowat_420 copy

Mowat_498 copy


Mowat_504 copy

Mowat_511 copy

Mowat_532 copy


Mowat_632 copy

Mowat_635 copy

Mowat_649 copy

Mowat_667 copy


Mowat_675 copy

Mowat_685 copy

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  • Awe Becky! I love them! You always capture the kids just perfectly and it’s like I’m seeing our yard and house for the first time all over again! The hashtag stands!: #themowatsloveb2photography We can’t wait until our next shoot! LOVE!!

  • Such great photos, hard to choose one I like best. Amazing pictures of a beautiful family.

  • Just beautiful pics. You’re so right Tara, it’s hard to choose one that I like the best. They’re all so good.

  • Looking great guys!

  • AMAZING photos Mowat family !! You all look great. Some of the photos look like they would be right out of a magazine. Your home is beautiful.
    Great job done by the photographer

  • These photos are amazing! They are so natural and beautifully done. They should be in a magazine. Gorgeous family.

  • Wow what beautiful family photos! Captured so perfectly.

  • Thank you for coming out to our home and taking such great pictures. It was a fun day.

  • Wow what great pictures, talented photographer with great subjects to work with makes Magical Pictures

  • Beautiful family and beautiful pictures. Job well done photographer!

  • Amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Such a beautiful family. Inside and obviously on the outside !

    Beautiful pics Mowat family

  • Pictures are all amazing! I would choose all of them!

  • Beautiful photos!!!! The kiddos are just so cute! Your place looks beautiful, can’t wait to see the rest of it 🙂

  • Awe, I love these! Especially the outdoor shots with the trees, love how Ry looks like a fair haired Lis 🙂

  • Great pictures! Love this photographer Lisa and Jay, as over the years they have captured your beautiful family with these great memories. Love you all!

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