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A few weeks ago I went over to Dustin and Ashton’s place to meet Kingston!  Ashton and I go waaaaay back – I taught her skating lessons, worked with her mom and took back-to-school pictures of her and her sisters every year back in the day.  So far back that our first shoot together was back in the film days.  Long time blog readers might even recognize her from really old blog posts.  It’s pretty special anytime you get to photograph life events for anyone you know and this shoot was just that, so special.  Dustin and Ashton were so sweet to watch with Kingston – calm, patient, soft speaking, all of their actions coming out of pure love for their new baby boy.  What a gorgeous little family…parenthood looks good on these two!

Kingston stayed awake for a good portion of this shoot but after a while, he gave into sleep…maybe it was the lull of the rain and rolling thunder outside…or maybe it was the coziness of being in his dad’s arms.  That was probably it 😉

Kingston is so cute…his big round eyes and the hints of red in his hair, he is sure to be a heartbreaker!


Kingston_018 copy


Kingston_025 copy

Kingston_087 copy

Kingston_114 copy

Kingston_167 copy


Kingston_235 copy

Kingston_245 copy


Kingston_293 copy

Kingston_310 copy

Kingston_379 copy


Kingston_391 copy


Kingston_462 copy

Kingston_514 copy

Kingston_523 copy


Kingston_592 copy

Kingston_602 copy


Kingston_623 copy


Kingston_645 copy

Kingston_648 copy

Kingston_656 copy

Kingston_658 copy


Kingston_659 copy

Kingston_669 copy


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