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Back when I was booking spring sessions Rob sent me an email interested in booking a mother-daughter session for his wife and girls, what a great idea!  I thought this was so sweet and i’m sure it earned him some major hubby points!  Rob and Kate moved back to Winnipeg from Ontario this year and while i’m sure they were bummed to leave their family and friends I was happy that it gave me this opportunity to photograph their family again!  Since our last session you will notice another little lady!  Avery and Elliot were looking too cute in their little summery outfits, Kate has a knack for picking out the perfect wardrobe!  I loved capturing Kate and her girls interact together, you just see so much love for them in her eyes!

Always up for planning something special, Kate told me she was planning to make some flower crowns for the girls and asked me  I had any other ideas to go along with it.  I had been dying to do something with lace and this seemed to be the perfect idea to add a feminine touch to this shoot for the girls!  Of course it wasn’t all about the girls, Rob jumped in a few shots so we had some family memories from the night too.

Enjoy this beautiful sun kissed session!

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  • LOVE everything about this photo shoot! The light, the lace, the flowers, the bicycle = AMAZING. What an inspiring shoot!

  • These are gorgeous! Love the light. Love the ones on the bike. You have a gorgeous family Kate!

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