Baby, baby, the stars are shining for you

It’s been such a pleasure to watch Brayen grow up in this first year of her life! Newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and now a birthday shoot! This little lady is a pro at photoshoots by now! She definitely loves the spotlight, I would say her favorite part of the session was all the pics of her by herself. Te he.

It was neat to see the changes in Brayne just between now and September, I loved the baby babble and hearing her “talk” to us, she has this adorable “excited face”, she was clapping, walking and showing me all kinds of tricks!

Enjoy these few faves from Brayen’s celebration session!!!

Brayen_1_007 copy


Brayen_1_015 copy

Brayen_1_016 copy


Brayen_1_018 copy

Brayen_1_044 copy


Brayen_1_096 copy

Brayen_1_115 copy


Brayen_1_127 copy

Brayen_1_146 copy

Brayen_1_157 copy


Brayen_1_177 copy

Brayen_1_225 copy


Brayen_1_237 copy


Brayen_1_345 copy

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