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Jen, Phil, Lucie and Léa came over not that long ago for Léa’s six month photos!  Sweet little Léa reminded me a little bit of her big sister at her six month shoot with all the silly faces and expressions she made!  What a cutie, with such big gorgeous eyes!  Even though we were indoors for this shoot we were still able to incorporate so much colour into this shoot, some of it thanks to Léa’s granny who made her such a gorgeous quilt!

Of course I couldn’t resist getting some photos of Lucie too!  She is always SO silly!  I think I could be entertained all day by just watching her in her own little world!

Enjoy !!

La Rivière_013 copy


La Rivière_032 copy

La Rivière_043 copy


La Rivière_083 copy


La Rivière_130 copy

La Rivière_174 copy


La Rivière_186 copy

La Rivière_201 copy

La Rivière_218 copy

La Rivière_224 copy

La Rivière_240 copy

La Rivière_282 copy

La Rivière_293 copy

La Rivière_341 copy

La Rivière_350 copy

La Rivière_386 copy

La Rivière_419 copy

La Rivière_427 copy

La Rivière_482 copy

La Rivière_549 copy

La Rivière_572 copy

La Rivière_582 copy


La Rivière_590 copy

La Rivière_610 copy

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  • LOVE! Oh Becky… you worked so hard for this and like always, you worked your magic and the photos are amazing. Thank you so much! 🙂

  • These are gorgeous! Love all the color! Gorgeous little ladies Jen!

  • Hello Becky -my goodness, these pictures sure do make a granny and grandpa proud. Of course Becky, you’re talent is accentuated with each and every picture of these two innocent little beings! Fantastic!


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