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Being thanksgiving Monday I thought it would be a perfect fit to blog family pics for one of my friends that I am SO thankful for!  I LOVE my family shoots with Kara every fall!  She plans so carefully for them, wardrobe, hair, make-up…she goes all out to make this such a special occasion for her family.  One of my favourite things about taking photos for Kara is that I know these photos go to great use….they won’t sit on a USB in a drawer somewhere, she proudly displays them nice and large in her home and it makes me smile every time I go there!

What a difference a year makes, last year Ellen was running away from me last year and this year she was hamming it up for the camera!  Edith has definitely turned into her own little person too, such a little daddy’s girls and loving being held made it a little tough for us to get photos of her on her own.  Oh and then there’s Sarah, the little entertainer!  Those blue eyes and freckles, I always love any time I get to talk with this little lady.

We had cloud, sun, rain, the whole range of weather during this shoot….typical fall!  But we made the best of it!!! Enjoy!!!

Wieler_001 copy

Wieler_014 copy

Wieler_062 copy

Wieler_119 copy


Wieler_028 copy


Wieler_045 copy

Wieler_069 copy

Wieler_071 copy


Wieler_138 copy

Love this photo of Ellen!  Just basking in the sunlight….errr clouds 😉

Wieler_073 copy

Wieler_168 copy

Wieler_175 copy

Wieler_184 copy

Wieler_187 copy

Wieler_235 copy

Wieler_279 copy

Wieler_293 copy


Wieler_367 copy


Wieler_406 copy

Wieler_326 copy

Wieler_410 copy

Wieler_482 copy

Wieler_414 copy

Wieler_468 copy

Wieler_394 copy

Wieler_498 copy

Wieler_503 copy

Wieler_549 copy

Seriously??!! Too cute for words!!


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  • Oh my dear friend, you’ve done it again! These photos are so wonderful I could cry! Thank you for capturing our family year after year, I appreciate the time you spend with us and will love these images for decades. Can’t wait to fill my new frames ;). Love you!

  • Becky these are outstanding!! Kara you have a gorgeous family!

  • these look amazing!!!

  • WOW! What beautiful photos capturing such a beautiful family!!! Kara you look INCREDIBLE!!

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