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After a couple of cold and rainy weekends I FINALLY got the chance to take Stella out for some fall photos!  We head off to the family farm and Stella stomped down some corn rows in her Frye boots!!  The shoot was almost crashed by a farm cat…once she saw it Stella couldn’t stop talking about the cat.  Her dad told her the cat went to find a mouse and then she couldn’t stop talking about the mouse either.  “Cat…..mouse….play”.  I guess she thought they were going to play together. Ha ha, not exactly!

Hard to believe this little cutie is 20 months already!  She is talking up a storm and has such a sweet personality!  She LOVES Sesame Street characters, playing “eat”, tractors, buses and she loves being entertainment for all her “peeps”.  Stella is such a little joy to our family!  Providing us with laughs and love when we need it most.  I’m thankful to be her Auntie and that we have such a special relationship!



Stella_065 copy


Stella_080 copy

Stella_105 copy


Stella_128 copy

Stella_130 copy

Stella_061 copy

Stella_169 copy

Stella_193 copy

Stella_204 copy

Stella_213 copy

Stella_234 copy

Stella_254 copy


Stella_262 copy

Stella_287 copy


Stella_322 copy

Yes, I bribe her with suckers 🙂

Stella_370 copy

Stella_395 copy

Stella_420 copy

Stella_422 copy

Stella_490 copy


Stella_524 copy

Stella_546 copy

Stella_464 copy

Stella_549 copy

Stella_552 copy

Stella_585 copy

Stella_608 copy


Stella_618 copy


Stella_649 copy

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