Blowing kisses in the wind

It is always a pleasure to spend and evening shooting with Alisha and Julia!  This year, their dad had to be on the field so our family shoot turned into a girls night out!  We had a blast!  We switched things up this year and stayed in the city for our shoot mixing up a little urban and with a little natural.  The wind was sure blowing good that evening but we just embraced it, sometimes I love a picture when the wind is pushing hair across the face…there was no shortage of that this evening!

These gals always plan so carefully for their shoots!  I love it!  All the care they take in planning wardrobe, thinking about locations all show in the pics!



Suderman_080 copy


Suderman_090 copy

Suderman_110 copy

Suderman_194 copy

Suderman_242 copy

Suderman_266 copy

Suderman_270 copy


Suderman_319 copy

Suderman_336 copy

Suderman_352 copy

Suderman_405 copy

Suderman_452 copy

Suderman_493 copy

Suderman_548 copy

Suderman_551 copy

Suderman_574 copy

Suderman_590 copy


Suderman_704 copy

Suderman_626 copy

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