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Clap along if you know what happiness is to you

It turned out to be kind of a happy thing that it rained on the first date we had this shoot scheduled because it gave Darrin and Tracy time to head to Winnipeg and pick up this antique crib (that now lives in my prop stash! YAY!) before our shoot!  The next day the rain stopped long enough for us to get this shoot in!  The ground was kind of soggy, but that didn’t matter to us, Emily was ready for her 6(ish) month photos!  This sweet little girl was SO easy to make smile, it made my job waaaaay to easy!  I’m pretty sure the look on her face in some of these photos is her way of saying “why is Auntie B making those weird noises at me?  She is craaaazy!”  That’s ok, i’m fine with being crazy Auntie B if that’s what gets me the smiles and giggles!


Bueckert_010 copy


Bueckert_034 copy


Bueckert_038 copy


Bueckert_069 copy

Bueckert_092 copy

Bueckert_105 copy


Bueckert_143 copy

Bueckert_149 copy

Bueckert_175 copy


Bueckert_283 copy


Bueckert_319 copy


Bueckert_360 copy


Bueckert_345 copy


Bueckert_452 copy

Bueckert_459 copy

Bueckert_469 copy

Bueckert_487 copy


Bueckert_522 copy

Bueckert_560 copy

Bueckert_571 copy

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