Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city

I love a countryside shoot but sometimes it’s a nice change of scenery to head downtown!  Kelly suggesting heading down to the waterfront for Mackenzie’s 2 year photos and I was happy to oblige!  We had fun dancing around to “Happy”, running down hills, squeezing into small spaces and that was only at location one!  Then we head to a little loading dock and had a little snack, played with bubbles and did a few chin ups 😉

It’s so much fun when little B2 kiddos i’ve photographed from birth start to talk and really interact with me during their shoots, it makes things SO entertaining!  After the shoot Kelly sent me a little message telling me that on the ride home from the shoot Kenzie told her “Becky’s really nice”…..and that right there is one of the most important reviews after a shoot…mission accomplished!


Mackenzie_2Yrs_012 copy


Mackenzie_2Yrs_074 copy

Mackenzie_2Yrs_066 copy

Mackenzie_2Yrs_065 copy


Mackenzie_2Yrs_181 copy

Mackenzie_2Yrs_207 copy

Mackenzie_2Yrs_215 copy


Mackenzie_2Yrs_232 copy

Mackenzie_2Yrs_358 copy

Mackenzie_2Yrs_483 copy

Mackenzie_2Yrs_484 copy

Mackenzie_2Yrs_611 copy


Break time! Time for an apple and to touch up those lips 🙂

Mackenzie_2Yrs_617 copy


Mackenzie_2Yrs_630 copy

Mackenzie_2Yrs_706 copy

Mackenzie_2Yrs_734 copy


Oh no!  She’s trying to make a run for it!!

Mackenzie_2Yrs_741 copy

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