The candy man can, he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good

The idea for some kind of bubblegum themed shoot all started with me looking for something to put on my mantel.  Random hey?  I was looking for something colourful and quirky and after some searching I decided I needed a bubblegum machine.  Well that got me thinking…how can I work my new bubblegum machine into a shoot!?  I started to tell my friend Erika about my great idea to somehow grow a bubblegum orchard in a few short weeks….she texted me later that night with a picture of a wooden ladder that she had hunted down for me in one of her dad’s sheds and a message that said “YOU NEED A YOU PICK SIGN!” and I would say that was the moment that things just started snowballing for me and all the rest of the ideas just started flooding into my imagination!

I knew I wanted to offer this set as my first Limited Edition (One time only!) Daydream Mini Session.  I have been taking a little extra time this summer to relax and spend time with my family and I knew this was a great opportunity to get in a bunch of shoots and open up the opportunity for a Daydream Session to all of my clients.  My model for this session was 18 months but this set was designed with kids of ALL ages in mind.  Heck, i’d love to have my own picture taken in a candy paradise like this one!  Email me to book your session in the Bubblegum Orchard!

Now, back to the model.  My sweet little niece Stella is 16 months old!  We are having SO much fun this summer!  I spend as much time as I can with her on the weekends and I love watching all the things she is learning!  She is such a little Curious George, some of the pics in this session of her looking in pails just crack me right up, I loved watching her explore this set!

Well, enough chatter….welcome to The Bubblegum Orchard!!

Bubblegum Mini Facebook copy

Stella_018 copy


Stella_038 copy


Stella_046 copy


Stella_063 copy


Stella_070 copy

Stella_216 copy

Stella_080 copy

Stella_105 copy


Stella_115 copy


Stella_128 copy


Stella_160 copy


Stella_219 copy



Stella_245 copy

Stella_247 copy


Stella_286 copy

Contact me to book your own Limited Edition Bubblegum Orchard Mini Session!!

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  • Oh my word these pics are so much fun!! I love how Stella is eyeing the gumballs! What kid wouldn’t! What a fun idea

  • OH!!! I love everything about this! Some of Stella’s expressions are cute beyond words… Love this so much Becky! 🙂


  • “Ha ha, Ha ha, Ha ha” is all Stella says when she sees these. She remembers all the fun she has with Auntie Ha ha! Love them all Becky. Stella is so blessed to have such a special Auntie.

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