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There’s nothing I love more in the summer than an evening at the beach!  Sundresses, bight coloured beach pails, beach towels, sand in the toes, splashing in the water…..it all never gets old!  I love all the bright colours that summer toys bring to the beach!  One of my favourite things to do is wander the seasonal toy aisles in Wal-Mart and Superstore just dreaming of how I could incorporate all of the colour into a shoot!  Chantel and I started our initial talks about this session in February after we wrapped up Jordyn’s Birthday shoot!

“How are we going to top last summer?”
“Let’s go to the beach!”

From there I started a Pinboard to give Chantel an idea of what I had in my mind and to help her pack for the session.  She did such a great job pulling together wardrobe and props that added to much to this session!  I love working together with my clients like this to create shoots that they are excited about!

We had a GORGEOUS and hot sunny day to spend at the beach last week!  I’m sure, as always we were lots of entertainment to those around us on the beach 😉  Jordyn, Jack and Ruby were pretty excited to be at the beach and it was hard to keep them from running into the water!  Eventually we gave in and got everyone into the water!  It was so great to catch up with this family!  It’s hard to believe Jack and Ruby are three already and Jordyn is getting ready to head into grade one!  It has been such a privilege getting to photograph them all year after year, I said to them as I was leaving that I forgot I was working and it just felt like an evening at the beach with my friends 🙂


Dufour_037 copy


Dufour_065 copy

Dufour_067 copy

Dufour_087 copy

Dufour_096 copy

Dufour_129 copy


Dufour_173 copy


Dufour_175 copy


Dufour_178 copy


Dufour_201 copy

Dufour_218 copy


Dufour_266 copy

Dufour_273 copy


Dufour_286 copy

Dufour_296 copy


Dufour_304 copy


Dufour_349 copy

Dufour_366 copy

Dufour_429 copy

Dufour_450 copy


Dufour_509 copy

Dufour_521 copy


Dufour_589 copy


Dufour_607 copy


Dufour_643 copy


Dufour_652 copy


Dufour_707 copy


Dufour_728 copy


Dufour_761 copy

Dufour_771 copy


Dufour_787 copy




Dufour_931 copy



Dufour_805 copy

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  • Love them all! So many amazing photos to choose from…great pictures of a beautiful family!

  • Love them! so bright and beautiful!

  • Love all of them!

  • Love these pictures of my beautiful family.Thank you Becky for such wonderful keepsakes of Jordyn, Jack and Ruby’s darling little faces.

  • I love this one! The wardrobe is top-knotch. Great job, mom! And I sense some sass in that little Ruby. This family has so much personality. I love it :).

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