And I’ve been waiting such a long time For today

This weekend we head to the farm to take some new pictures of Austyn!  We set up some adorable Scout & Acadia paper garland in the trees and took some pictures in front of my favourite shed.  Austyn was so interested in the paper garland it was fluttering in the wind (err, getting tangled in the wind..opps!) behind her and she loved to turn around and admire the pretty colours! So much fun colour in this shoot!  Jayci brought  purse full of clothes for the shoot and happily picked out a Splendid Littles romper for her first outfit…how perfect and cute does it look on that pink chair and against the rainbow coloured garland?  Love it!

Austyn is such a happy little girl!  Her squeals, silly faces, hand clapping!  It’s so much fun watching this little one just do what she does!  I love it when she smiles with that cuttle little scrunched up face!


Elias_003 copy

Elias_043 copy


Elias_069 copy


Elias_117 copy

Elias_111 copy


Elias_141 copy


Elias_145 copy

Elias_184 copy

Elias_214 copy


Elias_282 copy

Elias_254 copy


Elias_317 copy

Elias_347 copy

Elias_393 copy


Elias_442 copy


Elias_474 copy


Elias_482 copy


Elias_496 copy

Elias_531 copy

Elias_536 copy

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