Out came the sun and dried up all the rain

It’s time to check back in with Brayen again, believe it or not this little lady is 6 months already!!  I love shooting milestone sessions throughout the first year of a little one’s life…it so neat to see the stages, starting to find their voice, learning to sit, crawling away from me….running away from me.  It’s so entertaining and I love seeing their own little personalities start to develop.  Brayen was just starting to sit and had a few teetering moments, but she was pretty steady most of the time!  Another fun little thing about her is that she loves it when her mom sings The Itsy Bitsy Spider to her, the song totally calms her….maybe that will work even when she’s a teenager 😉

Enjoy the photos of this beautiful family!!


Brayen_6mos__123 copy


Brayen_6mos__089 copy

Brayen_6mos__095 copy


Brayen_6mos__154 copy


Brayen_6mos__372 copy


Brayen_6mos__396 copy

Brayen_6mos__471 copy

Brayen_6mos__503 copy


Brayen_6mos__535 copy

Brayen_6mos__538 copy

Brayen_6mos__553 copy

Brayen_6mos__573 copy

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