I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

Time to catch up with sweet little Emily, these pics are from her 3 month shoot last month!  This sweet little lady has found her voice and she squeaked and squacked during this session and it was so much fun to listen to her “talk”.  This little one sure looks an awfully lot like her dad did when he was a baby…when I was editing these pics I saw it so clearly in some pictures!

This session features another gorgeous quilt made by Road 17 N!  If you want to purchase a gorgeous mini-qult to add on to your session feel free to let me know or get in touch through the Road 17 N Facebook Page!

Those big round eyes and sweet little dimple are sure to steal your heart…enjoy the pics!

Emily_3001 copy


Emily_3010 copy

Emily_3043 copy


Emily_3082 copy

Emily_3101 copy


Emily_3123 copy

Emily_3128 copy

Emily_3151 copy


Emily_3229 copy

Emily_3245 copy

Emily_3266 copy

Emily_3274 copy

Emily_3322 copy

Emily_3332 copy

Emily_3375 copy


Emily_3428 copy

Emily_3458 copy

Emily_3542 copy

Emily_3585 copy


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