Suddenly, you’re mine and it’s brighter than sunshine

It does not feel that long ago that we met Easton at his newborn session and it’s already time for his six month photos!  We found shelter from the Winnipeg cold in a downtown studio and captured Easton and all his rolly polly goodness!  Those cheeks, those legs, those big big eyes!  What a cutie!  As always, big sister Zoey was so entertaining!  Running circles around us (literally) and twirling and and out of photos!

Big props to mom Colleen who coordinated their outfits so perfectly!  When she texted me a photo of their outfits I just knew the black and white with pops of yellow would look amazing against the white backdrop of this studio!  I always say “don’t match, coordinate” and this right here is coordination at it’s finest!

On to the photos of this sweet family, enjoy!!

Easton_077 copy

Easton_071 copy


Easton_080 copy


Easton_143 copy


Easton_148 copy

Easton_250 copy

Easton_252 copy

Easton_271 copy

Easton_298 copy

Easton_500 copy

Easton_773 copy

Easton_306 copy


Easton_317 copy

Easton_746 copy

Easton_362 copy

Easton_425 copy


Easton_521 copy


Easton_705 copy


Easton_536 copy


Easton_578 copy

Easton_581 copy

Easton_593 copy

Easton_640 copy

Easton_652 copy

Easton_672 copy

Easton_676 copy

Easton_691 copy

Easton_741 copy

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