I got you, the breath I breathe, and there ain’t nothing else I need

Yesterday I got to meet sweet little Emily.  13 days new – tiny, cuddly and sooooo cute.  When I walked in the house was warm and toasty and my cousin Darrin walked out holding Emily – that proud new dad smile on his face,  he passed Emily to me and we had a little cuddle while everyone was getting organized before the shoot.  I watched her as she looked around and made those baby faces and saw the dimple that she has that’s just like her mom.  What a sweetie!  It was hard to put her down and get to “work”!

Emily tried really hard to stay awake the whole time – she wanted to show off her big eyes!  But eventually she gave in to some cuddles with her mom and fell asleep.

One of the things I love about newborn sessions with family is seeing two people who you have known for so long slip into the role of parents.  These two are naturals!  There is a picture in Emily’s nursery that says “Crying is for babies (other babies)” and the humour of that sign sums up how fun and relaxed these two are about their new adventure as a family of three.  It’s so sweet to watch Emily just curl up against Tracy for a cuddle or watch Darrin talk to her – these two are totally and completely smitten by this little lady….and the rest of us who have had the chance to meet her are too!

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Emily_014 copy

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