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Photo shoots for kiddos with winter birthdays sometimes requires a little bit of extra creativity!  We had so much fun with Lucie’s Celebration Session last year that we decided to plan another fun one this year.  After a few emails back and forth we picked out two backdrop ideas – balloons and a flower garland. Who doesn’t love balloons?!  Balloons are such a staple decoration for those early birthdays and we just loved how they worked for this backdrop!  Jen also picked up a flower garland from Lille Syster  on Etsy.  Jen sent me a fun little text today telling me after the shoot the garland was used as a birthday decoration at Lucie’s birthday party and now when she she’s it she calls it “Lucie’s Becky flowers”  Awe, what a cutie!

Lucie has such a fun personality!  I was warned she might be a little shy to start, but there was no shy-ness at all!  We had a grand time!  Playing with squishy toys, reading books and playing peek with Lucie’s best bud Sheepie!  I can’t wait to see Lucie again in a few months in her new role as big sister!  I’m sure she will be just as entertaining when she’s introducing me to her new bro or sis!


Lucie_093 copy

Lucie_098 copy

Lucie_084 copy


Lucie_157 copy


Lucie_195 copy

Lucie_199 copy


Lucie_340 copy

Lucie_342 copy


Lucie_345 copy

Lucie_352 copy

Lucie_376 copy


Lucie_383 copy


Lucie_568 copy



Lucie_476 copy


Lucie_618 copy


Lucie_636 copy

Lucie_646 copy

Lucie_434 copy


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