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How do you catch a cloud and pin it down

As you can tell from my post title i’m multi-tasking tonight….editing and singing along with The Sound of Music!  As I was listening to the lyrics for this song I thought it was the perfect post title for Zoey…this little lady is just like a cloud…you can’t catch her!  We’ve seen lots of this family on the blog this year!  It was a big year for them…a bump session, Easton’s newborn session and now a session just for Zoey!!  This shoot marks Zoey’s second birthday…hard to believe she is two already!  We tried to keep this little lady entertained with puzzles and “mo mo’s” (marshmallows) at this shoot…she never stayed still for long but I still managed to capture lots of photos of the many faces of Zoey and her gorgeous big eyes!


storyboard113 Zoey_039 copy




Zoey_134 copy


Zoey_302 copy



Zoey_317 copy

Zoey_327 copy


Zoey_335 copy


Zoey_426 copy

Zoey_354 copy

Zoey_397 copy

Zoey_388 copy


Zoey_468 copy


Zoey_519 copy

Zoey_531 copy


Zoey_569 copy

Zoey_577 copy

Zoey_537 copy

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