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Yesterday evening my sister and her husband had a Christmas banquet so Stella joined myself, my mom and dad and two of my aunts for the evening….and we proceeded to be well entrained by her all evening.  When my sister was packing Stella’s bag I asked her to throw in some Christmas PJs for her and I’m sure Gina knew exactly what I was up to! lol.  So after her bath, when Stella was cozy in her jammies we brought her over to check out grammies Christmas tree.  It was close to her bedtime but she was still so silly and enjoying every second of all the attention.

Enjoy Stella and the Christmas tree….

Stella_Christmas_004 copy

Stella_Christmas_003 copy


Stella_Christmas_016 copy

How much fun is Stella having?  SO.MUCH.FUN!


Stella_Christmas_024 copy


Stella_Christmas_040 copy


Stella_Christmas_041 copy


Stella_Christmas_044 copy



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