Nowhere that I’d rather be, than with you making history

A few weeks ago I met up with Tracy, Jamie, Jack and Nick for some 5 month photos of Nick and a few family shots.  This is one of my favourite ages to photograph,   I just love the simplicity of these photos, just a baby on a big bed. Is there anything cuter than a baby in nothin’ but a diaper playing with his toes?  Well maybe the ones of him eating his fingers 😉 Nick has the most gorgeous big brown eyes and check out those LONG eyelashes!

I love comparing the pics of these two brothers…even though there are some things that are so different about them I still see so many similarities between the two of them…as I was editing the photos a little smile from Nick totally reminded me of some of the little smiles Jack gave at his six month photos.  Just being able to notice these little things reminds me how lucky I am to photograph families from one kiddo to the next, capturing all the special milestones as they grow!

After some photos inside we braved the cold and wind for just a few shots outside….it was cold but after a little swinging and jumping I think Jack forgot all about the cold!



Nick_019 copy

Nick_076 copy


Nick_115 copy



Nick_131 copy

Nick_147 copy


Nick_197 copy

Nick_210 copy


Nick_246 copy

Nick_258 copy


Nick_268 copy

Nick_272 copy


Nick_344 copy

Nick_359 copy

Nick_383 copy

Nick_397 copy


Nick_407 copy

Nick_459 copy



Nick_513 copy


Nick_541 copy

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