You can’t jump the track, we’re like cars on a cable…

A couple weeks ago I met up with Chad, Lynda, Reid and Beth for some family photos….we literally walked down the street to this great spot!  A few months ago before the shoot I asked Lynda if Chad had an old truck we could use for the shoot…there was even choice…purple or yellow!  We picked yellow and Chad had it all shined up and ready to go that morning!  It was perfect for this fam and it did a pretty good job of keeping the kids corralled.  Te he.  Reid and Beth have the most gorgeous blue eyes and give me such fun expressions….love them!

Sweet little story…Beth kept reaching out for me during this shoot (awe), so we took a little time to snuggle in between pics and then lucky me, I got a snuggle  in as we walked home together.  Love her, I always seem to get snuggles whenever I see her!



Pauls_034 copy


Pauls_089 copy


Pauls_121 copy

Pauls_122 copy


Pauls_139 copy

Pauls_145 copy


Pauls_180 copy

Pauls_220 copy

Pauls_223 copy


Pauls_266 copy

Pauls_201 copy

So much fall fun coming to the blog!!

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