Your smile hits me like a breeze blowing off the lake

You might remember this fun family from our session at the very beginning of the summer….we were marking Billy’s birthday at that session and now it was time for Sophie’s birthday pics!  Billy is now walking and still charming the camera with his gorgeous blue eyes!  I have to say I think Sophie has the most stylish hair…she gives me a little hair envy! Te he.

It was a HOT day, but we found some shade under the trees and at the end of the shoot a tickle fight broke out!  This was another FUN shoot with this fabulous family…ENJOY!

Elliott_017 copy

Elliott_088 copy

Elliott_036 copy


Elliott_049 copy


Elliott_102 copy

Elliott_132 copy

Elliott_141 copy

Elliott_162 copy

Elliott_288 copy

Elliott_323 copy


Elliott_334 copy


Elliott_378 copy


Elliott_382 copy

Elliott_436 copy

Elliott_446 copy

Elliott_459 copy

Elliott_460 copy

Elliott_502 copy

Elliott_525 copy

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