I belong to you, you belong to me, you’re my sweetheart

The first part of these pics were taken one Sunday morning at my sisters house when Stella was wearing my favourite outfits….it was a quick little 5 minute mini shoot and she showed me all kind of cute faces…her lipless smile, a pout and then her relaxed feet crossed sitting pose (she always crosses her feet!)  Part two was at my house one Monday afternoon….my sister came and I said to her “I’m not sure if I feel like taking any pictures today”, and about 20 minutes later I had the camera out and I had changed my mind…..her outfit matched my pillows so perfectly…I couldn’t let the chance to go waste!  I’m so glad I pulled out my camera that day….these might be some of my favourite pictures of her yet 🙂



Stella_6Mos_692 copy

Stella_6Mos_694 copy

Stella_6Mos_748 copy

Stella_6Mos_736 copy

Stella_6Mos_782 copy

Stella_6Mos_740 copy

Stella_6Mos_783 copy


Stella_6Mos_816 copy

Stella_6Mos_822 copy


Stella_6Mos_845 copy

Stella_6Mos_851 copy

Stella_6Mos_853 copy

Stella_6Mos_858 copy

Stella_6Mos_872 copy


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